Thursday, February 18, 2016

Short Courses at Ruskin School of Art

If you've ever fancied improving your drawing knowledge and skills at a leading art school in the UK, I recommend you take a look at the 2016 Short Courses offered out of term time by the Ruskin School of Art at Oxford University.

The courses are not cheap and there's a limit of 16 places on each course however I expect some of them - particularly those taught by Sarah Simblet - will be booked up fast.

Three drawing topics with Sarah Simblet

Courses offered include three with Sarah Simblet, a renowned artist and author. I've attended her lectures and done courses with her in the past and she's excellent! See, for example. my blog posts
My sketch from A 'Day to Draw' at the National Gallery
done while listening to Sarah Simblet talk about 
the anatomy and skeletal features and muscle groups
She's very good and her books are also highly rated and best sellers! 

Sarah is doing one course related to each of her books:

Other tutors

Two other tutors also offer courses:
More details for each in the links in the titles.

Practical matters

  • If you want to book, then you need to use Oxford University’s Online Store.
  • If you need a room to attend then you can try University Rooms to access one in a college at the University

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  1. You are a terrible, terrible woman. There are only 15 spots left to book now ...


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