Friday, February 26, 2016

RHS London Botanical Art Show 2016 - Medal Winners

Below you'll find the names of the people who won medals at the RHS London Botanical Art Show today. 

You can find out more about them and their exhibits in my previous post about RHS Botanical Art 2016 - Selected Artists

Well done to the RHS Organisers for having the list of medal winners available as a pdf file on their website by the time I got home!

Best Botanical Painting by Julie Nettleton

Best in Show

  • Best Botanical Art Exhibit: TillandsiaMariko Aikawa 
  • Best Botanical Painting: Xanthorrhoea resinosa Pers., Grass Three with Antechinus Stuartii, Brown Antechinus – Julie Nettleton
Paintings of Tropical Climate Plants by Sansanee Deekrajang

Gold medals

Four of Roger Reynolds's paintings of "The Tip of the Branch"


View of the RHS London Botanical Art Show 2016
The new arrangements for the display of the art worked extremely well


  • Amanda Petty Biblical Boys 
  • Carolyn Jenkins Hydrangeas 
  • Hiroko Jibiki Squash 
  • Janice Peers A Bulb for All Seasons 
  • Jean Webb Close Encounters of the Botanical Kind 
  • Lyn Campbell Trilliums 
  • Maggie Niagassas Strelitzia reginae 
  • Pamela Moodie 5TR Patterns of Growth 
  • Sarah Morrish Twigs & Buds in Winter - from Trees & Shrubs of Ancient Hedgerows Silver 
  • SoYoung Sin Korean Endemic Plants
  • Verene Kutter The Genus Anemone L. in Central Asia 


  • Margaret Bickerton 39 Stretton Farm Road Church Stretton Shropshire SY6 6DX Artichokes
I'll be writing more about the exhibitors and the lessons I learned after I visit again tomorrow.

My new website about Botanical Art and Artists has more information about:

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