Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Bigger Picture Exhibition

This is going to be a bit of a picture oriented post about the The Bigger Picture exhibition being held at Lauderdale House for the artists participating in the Big Painting Challenge.

8 of the 10 artists exhibiting
(Left to right) Paul Bell, Alison Stafford, Anthea Lay, Jan Szymczuk, Anne Blankson-Hemans,
Claire Parker, Heather Harding and Richard Salter
The PV was tonight and was excellent - lots of people, good music plus drinks and nibbles - and the art's is definitely worth taking a look at. These are the details of the exhibition
  • Exhibition Dates: 15th - 26th April 2015
  • Exhibition Venue: Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, Waterlow Park, London N6 5HG (tel : 020 8348 8716)
  • Exhibition Open: Wed-Fri 11am-4pm; Sunday 10am-5pm
Plus there's a special "Meet the Artists" Event on Sunday 26th April between 11 - 5 p.m

Here's some of the artists with their work

Paul Bell: website | blog | Facebook | Twitter
Paul can certainly paint an impressive canvas that carries across a room!

Paul commented that quite a lot of the time during the Challenge programme he'd have rather been on much bigger canvases. We had an interesting discussion about ways in which the programme could be improved - we were both rather keen on it being a little less stiff and formulaic.

Anthea Lay: Facebook
I loved Anthea's palette knife landscapes - her two small marine scenes are particularly effective. I rather liked Anthea's approach to marketing - she sells her paintings via her local WI market stall which I thought was a brilliant idea for people painting local scenes.

Claire Parker: website | Facebook | Twitter
Claire has a very impressive portrait on show. These and her drawings of people persuaded me that her future lies in figures and portraits. She's now coming up the end of Year 2 at Clare College, Cambridge. In the autumn she will start her year abroad for her languages degree before completing her final year the year after that.  Lots of time to reflect on where to go next with her art.

Richard Salter: website | Twitter
Richard has just had a solo exhibition at his gallery and is producing prints of his paintings. It seems the army has become strong on aesthetics in the last 12 months - I loved this tweet on his Twitter account
Anne Blankson-Hemans website | Facebook Page | blog | twitter
Anne found the process of The Challenge definitely impacted on her style and she's now reflecting on how best to take things forward. I'm personally a big fan of her colourful paintings of gardens and markets. Those with keen eyes will recognise that Anne's first palette knife painting of a marine scene - done during her weekend with Anthea in Cornwall - has made it into the show.

Alison Stafford: website | Facebook
I particularly liked the two portraits to the left of Alison in the above photo the painting of her dog was fabulous! We had an interesting discussion about the "before the show" and "after the show" paintings and how the Challenge had impacted on her work

Heather Harding: website | Facebook | Twitter
Heather had an interesting mix of work on show and was top seller for the evening! I liked her drawings, etching and monoprints - particularly the drawing of the girl in a hat.  Heather also did a lot of the work for the exhibition and went home with a rather nice bunch of flowers!

Amy was missing at the Private View as she's about to pop a sprog any time and hence could not travel.

and finally....

As you go up the stairs to the first floor gallery you get to see all the "BBC paintings" - and what they like up close.

Paintings produced during The Big Painting Challenge

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