Friday, April 10, 2015

LBS, websites and Diebenkorn

London Business School - the rather impressive John Nash bit
It's nice to know that the London Business School is still interested in what I do! (I left with my MBA in hand at the end of 1987!).

I've got more still to do on Art Business for Artists - but it did get c.1,129 pageviews and a low bounce rate on the day of launch which I was pleased about.

Right now I still have my head down building websites - next up is Botanical Art and Artists - plus I've just started the third - about fine art media!

But first.....

Tonight I'm attending a Bloggers Evening at the Royal Academy of Arts re. the Richard Diebenkorn Exhibition which I went to take a look at last week. I'll be back hopefully with photos!

For those who have not yet read it do take a look at Notes to myself: Diebenkorn’s 10 rules for painting


  1. Hi Katherine,
    I have been following you blog for some time now and am so impressed with the content and breadth of art topics you cover. It's such a good resource for artists. The new website will be even better.
    I have one grumble though, and it's a silly thing really but it's about something that I think about every time I read your posts on my iPad.
    It's the Blog Ranked 7 square that follows my line of sight up and down. When I zoom to read a bigger size font it covers the text! I love that your blog is recognised but I find it so irritating and wish it could be moved somwhere else.
    Am I the only person who thins this?
    And I'm quite happy if you don't publish this comment because your blog is beyond complaint. Maybe email me if I need to be told to grumble about important stuff
    Kind regards


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