Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If you want a lot of people at the Private View......

50th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists - The Private View
If you want a lot of people at a Private View it helps to invite somebody who your normal mailing list is keen to see and hear.

If you're interested in wildlife and natural history, you don't get more people more popular than the naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

Which is how the Private View for the 50th Exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists came to have a long queue of people down the Mall at 2pm - all waiting in an orderly fashion to get in and how the Mall Galleries probably experienced its most packed Private View ever.  My guess is that there were well over a 1,000 people at the Private View this afternoon.

They came because:

  • it was the 50th Exhibition (it had an excellent turnout of member artists!), 
  • they love wildlife art (this is an exceptionally popular exhibition) and 
  • they wanted to see and listen to Sir David Attenborough - who was as articulate and mellifluous as always.

Sir David Attenborough - saying a few words about wildlife and artists
Sir David Attenborough and President Harriet Mead presenting prizes
More about this excellent exhibition tomorrow.

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