Sunday, April 24, 2011

Making A Mark notches up 1 million visits

One million visits to Making A Mark - on 24th April 2011
Little did I realise when I published this blog back in 2006, that some five and bit years later this blog would notch up ONE MILLION visits.

As you can see visits have climbed steadily over the years - helped along by what is now a vast archive of posts which continue to attract a lot of interest from people.

Here are ten of the most popular posts those million visits have been to:
  1. 10 Tips for How to Sketch People 
  2. Van Gogh: Drawing media and techniques   
  3. Composition - Principles of Design 
  4. Composition - The Elements of Design
  5. Colour Schemes: Split Complementaries, Triads and Tetrads   
  6. What is a still life?   
  7. The influence of Japanese Art 
  8. Which sketchbook? 
  9. Flowers in Art... and Charles Rennie Mackintosh  
  10. Major Art Competitions in the UK 2011 - a timetable
Tip - If you think you're going to have a successful blog, get Google Analytics up and running early!  I didn't do this until 2008 hence don't have a complete stats profile for content.

I've got a much better record of the numbers.  Except the interesting thing I discovered this morning is that I've got a lag of about 20 or so visits between my dashboard on my Statcounter account and the Statcounter counter on the blog.  However the chart up above was created at 7.37am this morning when the millionth person visited and it actually counts 1,00,002 visits!

Those visits have also generated over 1.5 million pageloads.

Statcounter has a specific time which has to elapse between visits for any pageload to count as a completely new visit.

Were you the millionth visitor?

I had a little count back on my stats and I can't tell who the visitor was but I do know that he or she came from Toni Kelly's A Spattering.  I'll be writing to Toni and sending her a voucher to spend on Amazon for 'making a mark' and generating the millionth visitor to Making A Mark!  I toyed with the idea of announcing a competition but decided to stick with not saying anything at all and just being around to see if I could work out which blog was the nearest to the millionth visitor!  

PS  There will be no "Who's made a mark this week" as I've been 'out and about' this week with himself and not really looking at blogs.  However later today I will finally get round to the review of the Pastel Society exhibition at the Mall Galleries which continues all next week.