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23rd August 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?

Art and design bloggers go to Brussels for the day!

The big deal this week for me in 'making a mark' terms was getting a letter indicating two of my works had been accepted into this year's UKCPS annual international exhibition. This means I've now earned my signature membership of UKCPS - see Signature membership.

Here's a list on the UKCPS News blog of all the other people who got their work into the exhibition - Artists selected for the 8th Annual UKCPS International Open Exhibition. This year for the first time artists were allowed to submit up to four works and it's worth noting that four artists got all four pieces into the exhibition:

Art Blogs

Art and Design bloggers go to Brussels

More from the day trip to Brussels - including the You Tube video which you can see at the top of this post - and yes I really do have my sketchbook out on every possible occasion! Violette looks like she's a dab hand at editing!

Part of the Grand Place in Brussels
pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils

copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Lunch at Bruxelles Les Bains
pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

But what I also want to focus on David's is second post are we connected? which provides an interesting reflection on the the trip and talks about the role of bloggers in the context of social communication, random connections and reviews. David in part focuses on the way the world has changed for him as an older blogger. Anybody else make a connection?
But here's the rub: ten years ago it would have been journalists being offered free trips with the aim of getting a feature into a Sunday supplement. But we all know what's happening to the newspaper industry, don't we? And so now we've reached a point where in order to make a connection with you, Eurostar no longer expects that to be via the Sunday Times or the Observer, but via this humble little blog, and others like it. So for any readers of my generation who might have got this far down this post: this represents the world that's changing before our very eyes. And yes, I know, it's harder for us, because we have to adapt: anyone under the age of thirty doesn't, because this is their world.
Davidthedesigner - are we connected?

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Dorset in Gouache
copyright Robyn Sinclair
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From the outset of her career, Georgia O'Keeffe credited her introduction to modernism as deriving in part from a reproduction of a pastel by Arthur Dove she saw around 1913.
Also there's an interesting article by the New York Times about the impact of the credit crunch on exhibitions And Now, an Exhibition From Our Sponsor
Traditionally museums have been loath to allow the sponsors of an exhibition a significant role in curatorial decision making — particularly when the sponsor is a corporation, given the potential taint of commercialization and artistic compromise. And most major museums still draw the line there......Given the economic downturn, which has forced the cancellation, postponement or prolonging of exhibitions across the country, more small and midsize art institutions may be increasingly open to ready-made shows (by sponsors with art collections)

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I've started to transfer book reviews which I've done in the past on to Making A Mark Reviews - partly because I've got the LinkWithin Widget on that blog and it pops up relevant and similar items for any post you are looking at. I'm not repeating the reviews - just boiling them down to a summary!
Of interest to botanical artists and coloured pencils artists: Ann Swan (Ann Swan) announced this week - Latest News - that her new book is completed and should be in the shops next March.

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On Friday I posted about :
Other useful posts I came across last week included:

and finally........

This is just weird - Ursus Wehrli tidies up art

Making a Mark reviews......


Robyn Sinclair said...

You could have knocked me over with a brush load of gouache when I found my little Dorset painting here, Katherine! Thank you, it's a thrill to have such support, particularly when I'm experimenting with something new.

It's also a great thrill that for once I've inspired you to try something, rather than the weekly inspiration that I've come to depend upon from you here on Making a Mark.

Sherrie York said...

Well, Katherine, thanks so much for the nod this week... it's simultaneously delightful and terrifying to find "Brush and Baren" on the pages of The Mark. PS: It's not the eyes that are the problem... it's the brain cells. ;-)


Deborah Paris said...

Loved the video- and how cool that you got to go to Brussells for the day (and rightly so!) Thanks for the mention this week, Katherine!

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