Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Selling Art Online - Resources for Artists" (is a WIP)

Selling Art Online - Resources for Artists is my latest information site in the Resources for Artists series.

However after having spent very many hours on it yesterday and today - during which time it also spawned two completely new sites - I can now remember why I've been putting this one off!!!

Here's the introduction..........

Do you want to know how to sell art online - or improve your knowledge of e-commerce for artists? Check out this site to find out about selling your art via your websites, blog, shopping carts, auctions, online galleries, online stores and email marketing.

Whether you are an emerging or experienced artist, this site will provide you with a link to information and advice about:
- driving traffic to your blog or website
- finding out more about tools and webware which can help with ecommerce for artists
- reviewing the various sites offering to help you sell your art online
- ecommerce and payment systems for selling online
- the law and regulations relating to selling online
- other matters relevant to the business of selling art online.

Much of the advice is generic and applicable to all artists no matter where they live. Where information is country-specific, it tends to focus on on the UK. It also provides information relevant to the US market

Plus this is the expanded list of topics covered by the lens.
Options for selling your art online
  • Your options for selling your art online
Selling from your website and/or blog
  • Selling from your own website and/or blog
  • CONTENT TIPS: Getting people to subscribe and visit
  • TECHNICAL TIPS - Driving traffic to your blog or website
  • Blogging for Artists
  • Tools to aid online selling by an artist
  • Useful articles about selling art online
  • The Art Business - book for artists
Auctions, Stores and Online Galleries
  • COMING SOON!!! A brand new information site about selling art via third parties
  • Selling Art Online - Relevant Blogs
  • Art and Business - Resources for Artists
  • TOP TIP: Do you know who buys art?
  • What is E-commerce?
  • TIPS for ecommerce online
  • E-commerce software
  • Reviews of ecommerce software
  • Wikipedia - E-commerce payment systems
  • Ecommerce payment systems
  • News about the ecommerce marketplace
Selling Art Online - Law and regulations
  • Selling Art Online - the Law and Regulation in the USA
  • Selling Art Online - the Law and Regulations in the UK
  • Selling ACEOs online
  • BOOKS: Marketing Art and Selling Art Online
Email Marketing
  • Permission Marketing
  • Email Newsletter Software
  • Find out about e-mail marketing
  • Email marketing for artists
Selling practices to be avoided
  • Bait and switch
and finally......
  • Comments and Feedback
I'm now completely cross-eyed. Partly because I have not been enjoying at all the way that Squidoo lost some of the basic functionality for building sites like this in the last webware update. It's now very difficult to move links around in the link list module and consequently you well find that the order of some of the links is not as logical as it might be.

This is very definitely a work in progress. Please do tell me what you think's missing.

TOMORROW! After I've sorted my number one priority - my borough parking permit - I shall be publishing Online Art Galleries - Resources for Artists


  1. Thank you so much for being willing to take the time for provide this information. I am trying to learn as much as possible in order to expand into e-commerce.

  2. The information you provide on your blog is not only fascinating, it is invaluable! I am so thankful for the effort you put into it. This subject is one I've been waiting for....... THANK YOU!!

  3. This is great, both blog posts for the past two days - this is going to be very helpful to me!

  4. A great resource, Katherine.
    A lot of people will gain a tremendous about of knowledge from this.
    How very kind of you to be willing to grab the request and run with it.

  5. *grin* I'll just have a little laugh at your expense. You're a brave woman to try to bring together info on this topic. It's vast. :) No time at the mo to look at the Squidoo but if you need any specific help drop me a line.

  6. I know! I know!

    This lens is going to be a work in progress for quite some time. I think what I'm probably going to do is create lens for all the different topic areas and then link them into this one. That's what I've already done for the online galleries and the email marketing.

    There is just soooooooooooooo much stuff which needs to be included!

  7. I agree wholeheartedly with everyone elses comments. I've been thinking of starting a blog/setting up a website for a while now - you've just given me one less excuse not to get on and do it!

  8. I hope you are not cursing me. I have this feeling my question was the straw that broke the camel's back!
    I can see I am going to be making a place in my weekend timetable just for your blogs!
    Thank you for doing this!

  9. Holy cow Katherine! Thanks.
    Now please go rest your eyes.


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