Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Travels with a Sketchbook in Australia - has started

Two views from Circular Quay
- Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Ferries (pencil, 8" x 11")
- Sydney Opera House from Wolfie's (coloured pencils, 8" x 11")

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

My new series on Travels with a Sketchbook in Australia has started over on my other blog, Travels with a Sketchbook in......
My sister Helen lives in Australia and in 1997 I visited her and her husband Phil and my 'soon to be three' niece Kate in Sydney, the largest city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales.

Making a record of my Australia Sketchbook will remind me about all the wonderful and different aspects of Australia. It'll also probably provide an incentive to visit them again soon - before my nieces grow up and are old enough to start travelling independently to 'do Europe' and visit their aged auntie in the UK!
If you'd like to find out what I got up to on my travels around Sydney and New South Wales with my sketchbook and camera then click this link to visit the first post in the new series - Travels with a Sketchbook in Australia.


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