Friday, February 22, 2008

Drawing and singing

Patricia #1
pen and pigment ink

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

These are a couple of drawings from last night's class. The light isn't good enough to get a photo so I've scanned what I can.

I had a lovely model to draw last night called Patricia Hammond who turned out to be a professional mezzo-soprano who performs opera, operetta, oratorio, lieder, art songs and parlour songs. You can hear her sing an excerpt of Claire de Lune her on her website while you read this post if you click the link. So she took a look at my drawings during the break and I heard all about the sort of songs she sings (lots of Bach and Schubert and the sorts of songs you hear at parlour recitals).

Patricia #2
pen and pigment ink
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

She was an absolutely terrific model - and brought a choice of hat and scarves and earrings to wear! She was very well organised and super model to draw. I hope the Princes' Drawing School hires her again very soon.

She also has a fascinating website, an album on Amazon which has a rave review and a page on bebo! I'm very tempted to see if I can go to one of her concerts.

We chatted during the break. She was interested in my drawings and I found it absolutely fascinating to be able to talk with somebody who works in the same way as an artist with an online presence, as it were, but in a different field of the arts.

I was rather pleased with the first two drawings - (and the hoop earrings!).

The third one is awful and has finally convinced me that I need to do these on separate pages unless I can see that I'll be able to get good positions to draw each time. the class was very crowded last night and I was too far away for the last one. Which means I probably need to take two different sized pads to class I think.


  1. This is an unexpected treat, Katherine music and art. Lovely model and you've made such interesting studies. Really beautiful values.

  2. the pen & inks are gorgeous!


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