Saturday, October 13, 2007

SquidBids - a new tool for those auctioning art on e-bay

Seth Godin (the 'guru' of permission marketing) and the Squidoo team have launched SquidBids which seems to be a form of ancillary marketing for e-bay auctions which aims to drive traffic to the auction
Are you an eBay seller? Or, just a consumer who likes to recommend the best eBay stuff for sale? Check it out. Selling (and buying) will never be the same again.
The advert - my invite from Squidoo to take a peek
I don't have an opinion about SquidBids as yet but will be looking into it in more depth and would also be really interested in hearing about your initial impressions and then views if you begin to use it.
The free place for trusted eBay sellers to strut their stuff, showcase their auctions and stores, and get more traffic.
The squidbids claim
The claim for what SquidBids will be about is above. SquidBids appears to be positioned as an alternative (or a suppement) to blog marketing of e-bay work - just as a squidoo lens could be said to be an alternative to using a search engine.

I'm not sure about it yet - mainly because the information about it seems to be a bit garbled at the moment. SquidBids is (I think) still in Beta - which may explain why none of the FAQs links (on the main gateway site or individual pages) actually link to a FAQ page for SquidBids! My experience of Squidoo is that thi is not uncommon at the start of a new initiative but that support then tends to appear pretty quickly after people start using it - mainly because they start getting feedback about common queries and any glitches which are being experienced. Nothing odd about that, lots of webware firms do the same thing.

It only launched this week so most people won't yet have heard of it. However I thought I'd flag it up for any MAM readers who are e-bayers and who use e-bay to auction their artwork. So, if you want to see an example of how it works can I suggest you....
In addition, for those not familiar with squidoo, here's an overview of 'Why build a lens?'

If you use e-bay to auction artwork, why don't you take a look at SquidBids and then leave a comment here as feedback about your initial impressions. I'd also love to hear the views of anybody who gives it a go....and I guess other readers would too! ;)


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