Thursday, August 05, 2021

Painting and paintings by John Singer Sargent

My second post from the archives is about John Singer Sargent and his approach to paintings.

Below are past blog posts which are well worth a read to look at the resources I accessed while writing about him in the last 15 years
An Artist in His Studio (1904 ) by John Singer Sargent 

Approach to Painting


Corfu, Light and Shadows by John Singer Sargent



My John Singer Sargent Project in 2007

In which you get to see me trying to learn about Sargent in January 2007 and then produce artwork from what I've learned.
It covers:
  • Process: what I'm doing
  • Summary: a summary of what I've found out so far
  • Books: a note of books about JSS
  • John Singer Sargent Links: a list of useful website links for researching JSS (see the end).
The thing I noticed most about about JSS's watercolours of gondolas in Venice (he did a lot of them!) was that he was very clear about giving them a defined shape and tended to emphasise the contrast between dark and light values - which is not the same as saying that everything had a hard edge - as it didn't. The canal water was also very simplified and he often used candle wax (or some other form of wax resist to preserve highlights under watercolour washes for the water.

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