Sunday, June 07, 2020

Banksy provides symbolic comment on George Floyd + text!

Yesterday Banksy posted a painting on his website. The painting depicts a memorial to a faceless black man. This includes a candle which is beginning to burn the American flag - presumably in relation to the way George Floyd's death has sparked outrage and protest which has spread from Minneapolis across the USA and around the world.

He also posted three images on Instagram. It has three images - of
  1. text (see below), 
  2. the full size painting (see above) and 
  3. the cropped version ( see beneath the text)

The post now has over 2 million "likes" and a LOT of comments

What is less understandable is the nature of some of the comments on his Instagram post

Some of these indicate that there are several who do NOT "get it" that Banksy has been commenting on social issues via visual images for a VERY long time.

OK - so this time he decided to spell it out too. How come they STILL don't get it?

George Floyd died from asphyxiation on 25 May because a policeman with a long history of conduct violations knelt on his throat for 8 minutes and 46 seconds while two others held him down and a fourth did nothing.  They have all been arrested.

His death is viewed by many as a symbol of systemic police brutality against African-Americans - which "the establishment" a.k.a. "the white people' has done nothing to stop.

The protests around the world have not stopped since.  I see some of the latest have taken to hanging the American flag upside down.....

Articles on the Instagram post are as follows:


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