Friday, June 05, 2020

A non-stop global 24 hour conversation about watercolour!

This is the 
First non-stop 24 hour livestream global watercolour conversation, connecting over 100 of the world's top watercolour artists
I've never ever seen anything like this before - but it looks as if it will be really interesting.

It's a live stream on YouTube and starts at 11am Saturday 6th June in New Zealand (23.30GMT tonight 5th June 2020) - so I guess the aim is to keep going all the way through Saturday and into Sunday!

It's being organised by Szczepan Urbanowicz abd is also listed as an event on Facebook

I've no idea who he is - but I do recognise some of the names so I assume he's got this organised!
This project creates a new global watercolour conversation. It brings together over 100 of the world's leading watercolour artists (in a world first) 24 hour continuous conversation and poses questions relating to the current global conditions of social distancing, self-isolation and the new realities of creativity and expression in our technological world.JOIN with our guests as we roll out this "conversation" over 24 TIME ZONES! to a global audience!...and remember!!!
..........GO WITH THE FLOW!!!!

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