Friday, March 02, 2018

Sarah Wimperis explains how to paint like Van Gogh for 'Loving Vincent'

It's not often I use one of my blog posts to highlight an article on another website but I'm making an exception for this interview with Sarah Wimperis - one of the painters of painted animated film called "Loving Vincent"

The significance is the film is up for an Oscar on Sunday!
Across the globe, the movie has secured 11 wins and over 48 nominations, including Best Animated Motion Picture at the 2018 Golden Globes, held Jan. 7, and Best Animated Feature Film at this year’s Academy Awards, taking place March 4 in Los Angeles.
Here's the interview Meet the Artists Behind the Oscar-Nominated ‘Loving Vincent’ on Artists Network. It's very good at telling
  • what life was like for the artists working on the film
  • how personal style had to be subjugated to the needs of the film
  • how the artists worked in Gdansk
  • what the process was for creating paintings for the animation
  • how many paintings were needed to get half a minute of film (take a guess before you read the answer!)
  • the benefits of copying painting style of an past master
  • what Saeah has been doing since she finished painting
Sarah is offering some "Paint like Van Gogh" painting workshops later this month in Stroud and Bath for those who have always wanted to have a go!

Below are some pics taken by Sarah while she was painting for the film.

One of Sarah's Paintings
Sequences within the film were created from individual paintings. These were then adjusted to make the next image in the sequence - and the next and the next. Read the article to learn more about the process

Four frames from the wheatfield conversation - painted by Sarah
See the first painting fits into this series of four paintings for a sequence

Sarah looking at her paintings
If you look very carefully I think you can work out which way round the paintings below were painted.
A complete four frame section - from the Cafe Interior - painted by Sarah

I'm not sure I've ever seen a more extensive palette. Learn how one of the secrets to effective transitions was making sure you'd mixed enough paint!

Sarah's palette supplies
and finally some finished frames.

Finished frames in the Gdansk studio - with film markers for lining up attached

You can see Sarah bouncing up and down if the film wins an Oscar on Sunday

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