Monday, March 26, 2018

The Big Painting Challenge (Series 3) starts Easter Sunday!

The return of The Big Painting Challenge to the BBC!
The Third Series of The Big Painting Challenge kicks off next week.

Mariella Frostrup and Rev Richard Coles return at 6pm on Easter Sunday to introduce "a six week artistic boot camp" as the BBC like to call it.

It looks as if the Judges have returned to "normal" i.e. just Daphne Todd and Lachlan Goudie - which must mean I think that the BBC have read my comments on the third Judge from the last series - and doubtless there were other contributions on the same topic!

The two professional mentors are also back if Pascal Anson's tweet is anything to go by

There are going to be six episodes and it appears we are back to moving around the country.

If precedent is any guide the series will cover the traditional genres of still life, portraiture, landscapes - rural and urban - and other aspects that build on previous topics and introduce an extra challenge eg wildlife and movement - followed by the Final in Episode 6.

Episode 1 - Still Life - 1st April BBC1 6pm

The episode runs from 6pm - 7pm on BBC1 (also available on iPlayer afterwards).

The first episode is based in Glasgow and involves:
  • the topic is still life
  • a first painting involves objects they have brought from home. 
  • next a "masterclass" in still life painting - presumably involving the two professional mentors - to help improve painting of both volume and tone
  • finally a painting of a large scale painting of the large-scale and shiny stills and fermenters used for producing whisky and gin in a distillery.
As in the last series, the paintings produced will be shown to a group of people - usually associated with the location - and determine the fate of one artist who gets an automatic pass to the next round.

Finally, the judges pass their judgement - and decide who goes home.

Next, I write my review of each episode and publish it on this blog as soon as possible after the programme!  So expect a review every Monday for the next six weeks!


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More about the Judges

I know both Judges and they are both very professional and very sound. 

Remember, painting is not just about structure and technique. It's about emotion, energy, unexpected ideas and points of view. Painting is magic. From a blank piece of paper you can conjure up new worlds. Lachlan Goudie

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