Saturday, February 11, 2017

Want to buy the catalogue for an art exhibition that has closed?

The Museum Bookstore is new. It's an online store that specialises in the exhibition catalogues and art books produced by leading museums and galleries across the world.

I don't know about you but as a dedicated art bookophile, I find myself buying old exhibition catalogues more and more. Especially for those exhibitions I missed or could not get to because they were in another country. This looks to me like the sort of online bookstore a lot of artists are going to be bookmarking.
We set up Museum Bookstore for art, fashion and design lovers whether they want to read up on an exhibition they are about to visit; read more about an exhibition being held far afield, revisit an old favourite show or just add another beautiful coffee table book to their collection.
The website gives you the option of:
At the moment the links are predominantly museums and art galleries in the UK and USA but there are also occasional catalogues from leading French, Austrian, Australian, Dutch, Scandinavian, Spanish museums and doubtless many more.
Middle of the art books and exhibition catalogue
They also have a blog - but sadly it lacks images

The good news is that if you like books, visiting need not be an expensive experience.
We ship worldwide and delivery is free on orders over £50.00. Like the very best days spent at a museum, we want shopping at Museum Bookstore to be enlightening, surprising and enormously good fun.

Overall, I'm favourably impressed - and it's getting a bookmark un my art books folder.

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