Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I'm in the spotlight!

Vuelio recently rated my blog as one of the 10 top art blogs in the UK and has now also done a blog post about me.


As it says
In this spotlight, Katherine chats to us about how she measures the success of her blog, how she likes to work with PRs, and how she uses social media to promote the content on her blog.

Blogger Spotlight Katherine Tyrrell Making A Mark

I'm really not at all used to having two "much larger than I would normally use" photos of myself in a blog post. You can have too much of a good thing! ;)

Can I go back to blogging in my PJs now?

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  1. It's a great article and I love this photo of you with such a cute profile! It's nice to see you being recognized for all your hard work, especially since unlike most pro-level bloggers you don't fill your posts with ads to "monetize" your content-rich writing.

  2. Congratulations Katherine!
    As Jana says, its so nice to see you recognised for all your hard work, and such a lovely photo of you over looking what looks like Greenwich, which kind of symbolises the broad perspective your blog has on art, the universe, and everything.
    Your blog is thorough, the posts are thought through, and you care. Well deserved, and nice to see you receiving some well earned publicity.

  3. Congratulations Katherine. Very well deserved. Jenni

  4. Congratulations ... another feather for the cap!

    Not sure we deserve you, but thank goodness we've got you, like an art-google of our own

  5. Congrats!! I agree you have a wonderful blog and deserve lots of kudos and high rating.
    I love reading your blog and really appreciate everything you share with your readers.


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