Monday, May 05, 2014

How do you market an exhibition or open studios?

Here's a reminder of some material I highlighted on this blog some time ago.  This has been prompted by the fact that I've had about four different versions of the same question asked today - which all relate to how do you market art via an exhibition or open studios.

So here are links to my pdf article guides (on my website) about press releases and publicity. The titles contain the link to the page where you can download the free guide.

Neither guide is specifically about open studios but information contained in the guides is relevant to such events.

The art of writing a press release

Who is this guide for?What does this guide cover?
This Guide explains what you need to know if:
  • you’ve ever written a Press Release but lacked guidance on how to go about it; or
  • if you’ve issued a Press Release but it failed to achieve the impact you had hoped for; or
  • one day soon, you think you might want to write a Press Release......

This Making A Mark Guide provides guidance on 
  • the really important and really difficult bit - being creative
  • the essential but technically difficult bit - how to stick to the 'rules' of writing a press release so your press release gets read!
  • the boring but very necessary bit - how to make sure it ends up in the right place
All on no more than two sides of A4 - just like a good press release!

How to get publicity for art competitions and open exhibitions

Who is this guide for?What does this guide cover?
This spreadsheet is for:
  • organisers of art competitions and open exhibitions
  • Board / Committee members of relevant art societies or organising groups
  • people who think there's some scope to improve on current perfornance

It helps you to:

  • identify how to get publicity for an art competition or open exhibition
  • how to keep costs down and get publicity for free
  • how to make sure your marketing is both efficient and effective
This Making A Mark Guide provides a checklist of various action points - plus notes - associated with:
  • managing who organises the marketing
  • making the most of the opportunities for free publicity
  • obtaining, sizing and processing images for publication
  • information that needs to be published for artists and exhibition visitors
  • organising an informative press release and press preview
  • making the most of the presentation of prizes

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