Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do you price your art on your website / blog? (Poll Results)

More than half of you price your art when it is displayed on your website or blog.

The Making A Mark Poll for May looked at where you priced your art - specifically whether you priced your art on your website or blog.

Having just surfaced from an enormous art materials order, I'm not tangling with Excel to try and produce a chart as I know how long that takes!

However I have copied the results across - see below

Do you price your art on your website / blog? (Poll Results) 

Yes - website and blog
  14 (18%)
Yes - website only
  24 (32%)
Yes - blog only
  4 (5%)
No - online auction site only
  1 (1%)
No - other online sites only
  6 (8%)
No - B&M galleries only
  5 (6%)
No - studio only
  8 (10%)
No - I do not price my art
  12 (16%)

I only realised after the poll had started that I hadn't provided for an option which is "various places" since all the other options artists only price their art in one place.


From the 74 people who responded to the poll, we can see that:

  • 55% priced on website or blog
    • the majority - 32% - prefer to price on their website only, in what is a more gallery-like environment.  Traditionally, this is where we have been more used to seeing prices.  
    • 18% price on both website and blog
    • while only 5% price on their blog alone
  • 16% never price their art at all - online or attached to the real thing.
  • 10% of you only price your art when selling from your own studio
  • 9% price on other online sites only.  
  • 6% have prices on their art in bricks and mortar galleries only
Pricing on your website or blog:  I think we can safely say that's not a result that would have applied ten years ago - or even five years ago.  As artists have got more used to using websites and blogs to showcase their art, people have become more relaxed about attaching price information.

Notwithstanding this, there's a decided preference for only pricing your art on your own website or blog.  

I was actually quite surprised that the percentage of people who are not pricing their art at all was as low as 16%.  I think I expected there to be more people who were painting for the fun of it without making any attempt to sell.  That suggests to me that more and more artists have grown used to seeing artists marketing their art and more and more are joining in.  However that's pure speculation on my part - even if it fits the poll results!

The studio is obviously a place where people also feel more comfortable about pricing their art.

It's very apparent that other online sites and galleries have not played a major part in capturing artists as clients.  However I do wonder, since people were only allowed one answer, whether those people using some of the daily painting sites maybe said they priced on their website or blog only.  

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  1. I think I misunderstood your survey. I thought it was only intended for people who were in business selling art. I paint only for the fun of it right now, so your 16% figure would have been higher.

    When buying art, my definite preference is to have prices clearly posted. I feel awkward having to ask.


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