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10th UKCPS Open International Exhibition 2011 - Reminder

This is reminder for those coloured pencil artists, like me, who need a prompt about deadlines for entries!

I've just been going through my things to do before I go to Provence and just realised one of them is that I need to get organised in relation to my entry for the 10th Exhibition of the United Kingdom Society of Coloured Pencil Artists!

The deadline is 11th June 2011 - when I shall be driving from Lyon on the last leg of my journey down to Provence so I need to get a move on.

Caran d'Ache Award and
UKCPS Picture of the Year 2010:
Jane Pirie (Mrs Thorogood) Loire Valley Harvest

In going through the rules I've noticed a few things which are different this year.
  • There's no mention of any size limitation in the call for entries / submission conditions.  This is due to the size of venue for the exhibitions this year - which is in London.  The Aldersgate Room in Central Hall Westminster is very large.
  • there's are some new awards for
    • botanical art - presumably in recognition of the increasing number of botanical artists who are now using coloured pencil for their work.  These include last year's winner of the UKCPS Picture of the Year - Janie Pirie UKCPS, SBA (Mrs Thorogood) who has also been awarded an RHS gold medal for her art.
    • an animal portrait - domestic and farm animals and wildlife have proved to be popular subjects in the past.
So here's the details of who and what is eligible and key facts re what people need to do.  I've reworded one or two and added in my own comments.   You can download the instructions from the website

Who is eligible to enter?

  • This is an open exhibition - for all living artists
  • There's no constraint in terms of where you live or work and this exhibition has attracted entries from international artists in recent years.  Last year the exhibition comprised 106 entries from 66 artists from the UK, Hungary, Israel, Netherlands, Pakistan, Spain and USA.

What type of media and artwork is eligible?

The artwork MUST be:
  • original - the concept, design and execution must be wholly the work of the artist
  • demonstrate skill in both composition and drawing
  • demonstrate ability to use colour from a pencil source.

This is the first exhibition in which there has been scope to enter works other than 100% coloured pencil art.   There are two categories
  • pure coloured pencil and 
  • mixed media (coloured pencil used with other mediums).

(1)  Pure Coloured Pencil Exhibition Class

Eligible media includes:
  • Coloured Pencils and crayons that are wax-based, oil-based or water-soluble (e.g. Caran d'Ache Neocolor II or Derwent Aquatone)
  • Graphite pencil used in moderation under or between layers of coloured pencil
  • Solvents or water used to dissolve the pencil 
  • Manufactured coloured support (paper, board etc.)
  • Artist prepared uniform white background (eg gesso)
The following media are not permitted for this section of the exhibition
  • Pastel, acrylic, oil, ink, watercolour and any other medium which is not pure coloured pencil
  • Collage, montage, three-dimensional work is ineligible for the pure CP section

(2)  Mixed Media Exhibition Class (50%+ Coloured pencil with other mediums)

The primary condition of the mixed media section is that at least 50% of the work MUST be coloured pencil.  Eligible media includes:
  • Coloured Pencils and crayons that are wax-based, oil-based or water-soluble (e.g. Caran d'Ache Neocolor II or Derwent Aquatone) where these are the predominant medium.
  • Solvents or water used to dissolve the pencil
  • The choice of other media used (for upto 50% of the work) is up to the artist.

What are the rules on use of photographs for reference purposes (ie "copying photos") ?

  • Only photographs taken by the artist may be used as a primary reference source for the whole or most of the artwork
  • The use by the artist of other reference photos - taken by other people - to contribute to the whole or build up parts of the artwork is at all times subject to UK and international copyright law (ie photos cannot be used without appropriate permission and/or licence as required) 
  • The use of photographs which have not been taken by the artist is conditional on the final work failing to resemble any reference source used in a recognizable way.  In other words if somebody can identify the reference photo used the artwork becomes ineligible. 

What else makes an artwork ineligible?

  • Entries exhibited in a previous UKCPS exhibition.
  • Any image produced by drawing over a digital reproduction
  • Any artwork executed in whole or part under instruction and/or in any teaching or workshop situation
  • The identifiable reproduction of another's composition (irrespective of media) even with copyright waiver or permission of the author.  The bottom line is that you cannot copy somebody else's photo or painting as that negates the requirement for the work to be original and the work of the artist alone
  • Use of an individual's image without that individual's permission, in accordance with UK privacy laws.  This means nobody's face or other distinguishing characteristic should appear in the exhibition unless they've given permission for their image to be used. 

How many people enter and how many get selected?

  • The Society has selected over 100 works in previous years.  However this year the exhibition is being held at Central Hall Westminster and the Society has a lot more space than usual and is hoping for more entries.  However there is no indication of how many are likely to be hung.  It's a very good year to submit multiple entries

What's the deadline for entries?

  • The closing date for entries is Saturday 11th June
  • The closing date for submitting selected works for hanging by post is 9th September
  • Selected works can also be handed in at Central Hall on 17th September

How do I enter?

  • Submit entry form, CV and brief description of each entry as directed on the form plus
    • digital files (300 dpi in jpg, tiff or bmp format) via email to
    • or mail prints (max A4 size)
    • or mail high quality scans on a CD/DVD.  
  • There's no cap on the size of the digital image which can be submitted.  Last year I submitted 25MB TIFF images on a CD.  The dedicated email address presumably means submitting large files via email should not be a problem.
  • Only one work can be "not for sale".  Prices should allow for 35% commission

What's the entry fee?

The fees vary depending on whether you are a member or a non-member and how many works you are submitting

Who are the jurors

This year the jurors are  
  • Siegfried Hochstein, Director of the Faber-Castell Creative Academy (Faber Castell are sponsoring this year's exhibition)
  • Bob Ebdon, Founder of UKCPS
  • Alyona Nickelsen who is an award-winning still life artist and best selling author of the Colored Pencil Painting Bible

What are the prizes and awards?

Pure Coloured Pencil
  • The Faber-Castell Award for Best in Show (£500)
  • UKCPS Award for Reserve Best in Show (£250) 
  • Ann James Massey Award for Excellence in Drawing (£200) 
  • UKCPS Award for The People's Choice (£100)
  • Best Animal Portrait - Paper pack to value of £100 from Colourfin LLC
  • Best Botanical Picture - Art materials value £100 from SAA (Society for All Artists) Home Shop
  • Peter Weatherill Best Landscape Award, (£75)
  • 10 prizes for Highly Recommended winners

Westminster Abbey
- across the road from Central Hall
Mixed Media (over 50% to be Coloured Pencil)
  • The Faber-Castell Award for Best in Show (£300)
  • UKCPS Award for Reserve Best in Show (£150)
  • UKCPS Award for The People's Choice (£50)
  • 10 prizes for Highly Recommended winners - Pan Pastel Goodie Bags

When is the exhibition?

The exhibition is in the Aldersgate Room at Central Hall between 19th Septembr and 1st October.  It's not difficult to find - it's right opposite Westminster Abbey.  Here's the photo I took when I stepped out of the Hall last month when picking up my work from the Society of Botanical Artists exhibition which was also held there.

You can see an online exhibition of the work which was selected for the 2010 exhibition on the UKCPS website.

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