Monday, September 09, 2013

The Best Books about Botanical Art and Artists

I've split my website about the Best Books about Botanical Art in three.  It used to cover both botanical art instruction and botanical artists.

It was getting both enormous and slow to load so in order to help make the website much more focused - and load faster - I've now separated it out into three websites which each have a very specific focus.

The revised and new websites are as follows

The Best Botanical Art BooksThe Best Botanical Art Books
Learn about botanical art from the best botanical art books and botanical illustration books. Read reviews about which are the best botanical art instruction books - for those wanting to develop their skills in drawing and painting plants and flowers.
Botany for Botanical ArtistsBotany for Botanical Artists
Did you know that RHS Gold Medal winning artists often have a very strong botanical theme to their artwork? Strict botanical illustration standards requires a knowledge of botany. Would you like to know more about botany which is helpful to botanical artists?
The Best Books about Botanical Artists & IllustratorsThe Best Books about Botanical Artists & Illustrators
If you love botanical art and want to know more about some of the important the artists - in the past and present - who have created botanical art and illustration then this is the site for you. This site highlights key events in the story of botanical art and focuses on the best books about specific and outstanding Botanical Artists.

The first site I split out - focusing on botany for botanical artists - has had a very good reception as it appears there was no site which brought all the resources together in one place.

I've now got a third site which aims to tell the story of specific botanical artists in history and the major themes in the development of botanical art which provided a context for their work:
It starts with great botanical artists of the 20th century - Rory McEwen and Arthur Harry Church.

I've got a few more artists to add in - I'm just trying to decide who's in and who's out!

I'm also anticipating developing a further website about great flower painters - which will include artists from the likes of Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder through to Rennie McIntosh and impressive contemporary flower painters.

Which flower painters - past and present - have impressed you the most?

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