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If you've written a review of any of my websites 
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I keep forgetting to make a note of when this blog and my other sites and artwork work get a mention by other bloggers and journalists so I've started this with a view to trying to keep a record.  I'm guessing I'll remember more as time goes by - or you might remind me!

Reviews of Katherine Tyrrell's Making A Mark and associated sites

Reviews of Katherine Tyrrell's artwork
"Afternoon Light, Palacio de Mondragon, Ronda"
Media / Size: Pastel 15.5" x 23.5")
Private Collection (USA)
Copyright: Katherine Tyrrell - all rights reserved

Contributions to other blogs

Who's made a mark this week?

You used to be able to read items from art blogs that I thought were worth highlighting most Sundays/ Mondays (depending what time I publish!) in Who's made a mark this week?. However, I'm now blogging less than I used to and items are now highlighted on my Facebook Page instead.

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