Sunday, March 10, 2024

Do you want to apply for The Great Pottery Throwdown? (series 8)

The latest series of the absolutely amazing "feel good" programme which is Great Pottery Throwdown" is drawing to an end - and the FINAL is tonight! 

This is the stage at which they always start the search for the participants for the next series......

Do you want to apply for The Great Pottery Throwdown?

If you are thinking you have the right knowledge and experience to enter, below is a very brief summary of "what you need to know". 

You can also find a longer summary HERE PLUS you MUST read 

Who can apply

Only those who are:

  • aged 18 or above on 25th February 2024.
  • a resident of the UK (including Isle of Man and Channel Islands) 
  • NOT a professional potter, meaning that
    • you do not work full time as a potter, either at home or in a professional environment, 
    • nor does your main source of income derive from commercial ceramics or pottery.
  • NOT a Fellow or a Selected Member of the Craft Potters Association (CPA) 
    • nor can you be judged, by the programme makers, to be at that level.
  • NOT connected to the Love Productions (who make the programme) or Channel 4 (which broadcasts it) in any way
  • can commit 100% to the filming days during a filming period between August and November 2024. (I get the impression it's weekends - not sure why)
  • agreeable to background checks being performed to confirm who you are and what you have/have not done.
  • able to respond accurately to all questions asked and do not withhold anything when asked
  • able to keep all information about the application process for the programme and the programme itself strictly confidential.
This confidentiality applies and continues whether or not you are selected to take part in the Programme or remain actively involved in the Programme. You are not permitted to respond to any approach from the press or anyone else enquiring about the application or production process, anyone else involved in the process and/or anything about the Programme and will refer any such enquiries immediately to Love Productions.

What you need to do


  • You can only have one login to the registration site and can only apply once
  • You need to provide supporting material for your application
  • Complete the application form and submit via
  • Apply by the deadline - which is 12:00 (midday) on Monday 22nd April 2024 (although the date may be changed)

Information you need to provide

All information supplied by you as part of the application for the programme (including in relation to any criminal charges, convictions or proceedings) must be true and accurate and you shall not withhold any information where it is requested.

What happens next?

  • If you are successful at the screening stage you will be asked to attend an audition
  • If you have been unsuccessful you have not heard from a member of the Love Productions team by phone or e-mail by Friday 21st June 2024.
Due to the large number of applications and registrations we receive, you accept that we will not acknowledge or respond to each and every submitted application.
Before you end up as a participant, you are asked to agree various other terms in:
  • the Casting Release Form
  • the Contestant Release Form.
Bottom line:
  • entering a competition on the television is very legalistic - much more than normal open exhibitions or art competitions are 
  • you should very definitely make the time to read through all the terms and conditions and forms you are asked to sign. 

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