Saturday, November 11, 2023

BEWARE: If you're visiting London art exhibitions today

BEWARE: If you're planning on coming to London today to see an art exhibition, you need to be aware that:
  1. There is no service on the following tube lines (due to TFL tube technology update) until at least 3pm this afternoon: 
    • Circle; 
    • District; 
    • Hammersmith & City; 
    • Jubilee; 
    • Metropolitan and 
    • lots of tube stations are closed for various reasons
    • however the Northern, Central and Elizabeth lines remain open all day and City Thameslink is always a good option
    • This is the TFL Route Planner
  2. There is a Pro Palestinian March from Hyde Park to the American Embassy which passes right next to Victoria Station.
  3. There is an Armistice (today and tomorrow) Exclusion Zone around the Cenotaph and other key sites in and around Whitehall
  4. There are going to be a lot of controls around Trafalgar Square which is designated as part of the "dispersal area"
  5. Lots of controls around the Lord Mayor's Parade in the City of London
  6. There is a very significant increase in police controls with a view to avoiding disturbances and keeping the peace
I'm not a fan of the Mail but they do seem to have the best map of what's going on in Central London

I find it absolutely amazing that so much disruption can be caused to ordinary people / residents / visitors and there is no one website which provides clear, transparent information to those trying to visit and/or move around London. 

PS APOLOGIES to subscribers on Mailerlite - this post should have been mailed to you at 9am this morning - but for some reason Mailerlite decided not to do so - and didn't send it at 10am either. I find the way Mailerlite plays up on occasion is making me want to look at alternative options. Such a pity Feedburner disappeared - so much more reliable

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