Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Bye Bye Boris? About art and Boris Johnson

I've been completely distracted today by the machinations concerning the future of Boris Johnson. 

It's looking very much like he'll be gone for definite after the 1922 Committee elections next week (i.e. rule change and new confidence vote - which he will lose) - and maybe by the end of today (i.e. 35 resignations from the payroll vote so far and likely to continue)

So here's a review of my posts about art and Boris Johnson

Portraits of Boris

This is a portrait I wrote about in Portrait completed in 2 hours wins Ondaatje Prize.

As ever I was interested in what John Ward CBE, 90 this year, was exhibiting by way of pastels on mid-toned Ingres paper. His works were displayed alongside an absolutely splendid portrait of Boris Johnson MP by Felicity Gill (which looks rather better in reality than it does on her website) . Despite Boris describing the experience as a privilege and "glorious ego massage", Ms Gill describes how it was quite difficult trying to pin him down at his offices at The Spectator.

"The sitting was constantly interrupted....eventually I resorted to getting him to climb out of a window onto a small roof where he sat, captive, in an old deckchair"

Here's the portrait by Felicity Gill.......

........and then my sketch of half the portrait!

John Ward meets Boris Johnson at the Mall Galleries (2007)
8" x 10", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils in moleskine sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Another portrait of Boris

My Review: Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition 2011 (Part 1) (May 2011) contains yet another portrait of Boris
Boris Johnson by Helen Masacz - the hair is excellent! Boris seems to offer endless fascination to portrait artists - I've seen a few of them in recent years.

Boris Johnson by Helen Masacz
oil, 42 x 30cm, (17 x 12")

An artist Mother - who painted Boris frequently

About Charlotte Johnson Wahl - artist and mother of Boris (July 20th 2019) is the post I wrote about his mother who was an acclaimed artist. She died recently.

It includes portraits of Boris as a child and growing up.

She held an exhibition at the Mall Galleries in 2015 called Minding Too Much

Boris and Chequers

This is an interesting post about How to sell a painting to a Prime Minister (April 27th 2021). 
Besides a view of the house and garden, the image includes very simplified images of Boris walking the dog Dilyn near to his fiancée Carrie and their baby son Wilfred having a picnic on the lawn.

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