Friday, October 01, 2021

Recommended Read: Hockney on Abstraction and Cezanne's Drawings

David Hockney has written an article for The Art Newspaper called Why abstraction has run its course

It's well worth a read - because yet again Hockney highlights some issues which make you think again about what you know and have seen.

This is the exhibition of Cezanne's Drawings - which he references in the article. 
I've always been a huge fan of Cezanne's watercolours - more so than his other paintings. 
The article certainly made me stop and think and go and look at Cezanne's watercolours again.....
I have just received the very beautiful catalogue from MoMA on Cézanne’s drawings. It’s an excellent book I can recommend to anybody. All the pencil drawings of the small sculptures that he made and owned have a great grasp of chiaroscuro, but I notice that in all the watercolours of still-lifes, landscapes and skulls, he takes away the shadows. They are ravishingly beautiful. I know I am the only one saying all this, but I firmly believe my observations are true. My friend Charlie in New York had sent me the catalogue and seen the show. I then told him about the shadows and what I had observed, and it made him go back to see it again.

Paul Cézanne. Forest Landscape. 1904–06.
Pencil and watercolor on paper, 18 5/8 × 23 5/8″ (47.3 × 60 cm).
Private collection

Paul Cézanne. Still Life with Cut Watermelon (Nature morte avec pastèque entamée)c. 1900. Pencil and watercolor on paper, 12 3/8 × 19 1/8″ (31.5 × 48.5 cm).
Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel. Beyeler Collection.
Photo: Peter Schibli

This led in turn to me taking a closer look at the exhibition which has just finished at MoMA in New York. 

More articles, images and videos about the exhibition include:

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