Sunday, February 14, 2021

When I was filmed landscape painting by the BBC

On the topic of being filmed painting landscapes for television programmes....

I found some photos recently of when I was on a landscape painting holiday in Provence at the end of the 1980s - and was filmed by the BBC! I've still got the video of the BBC Holiday Programme featuring Anne Gregg trying a painting holiday in Provence - and all of us developing our paintings.

By way of contrast to the set-ups I've seen more recently, the BBC team who filmed us (about 10+ people on a painting holiday in Provence plus tutor) back in the late 80s included:
  • one presenter (Anne Gregg)
  • one director/producer
  • one cameraman and his sidekick
  • one sound man
  • one continuity ladyBelow are a couple of photos of our trip to Sault - a town close to where we were staying in Provence.
First my photo of the view from Sault and the BBC film crew filming a "set up" shot. Martin, the chap in the striped T Shirt, was the Director and I think we managed to get him painting by the end!

The BBC film crew - on the left - film the tutor and student discussing composition on the right!

I was trying to get to grip with painting in watercolours and wasn't that keen on being filmed painting - except at a distance. This was also before I realised I actually much preferred dry media - below is a drawing that resulted from a subsequent trip to Provence.

Rousillon and the Ochre Cliffs, Provence
Coloured Pencil 8.27" x 11.75"
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

One trick was to make a point of staying away from Anne Gregg and/or trying to sit in a really shady spot!

Below is Anne Gregg - sat centre in a pink T shirt in the heat of midday painting produce on a market stall. It was taken by me sat in the shade and painting Anne Gregg painting the market stall!

However little did I know that the BBC was off to the left of this view filming me painting Anne!

Ann Gregg painting in Sault, Provence

I gradually worked out that I could deter them from filming or recording me by saying really stupid things to camera or for the soundman....

I think the photo below came after I told them very seriously that I chose the views I wanted to paint based on the palette of colours I used to decorate my home.... ;)

Me in Gordes about 30 years ago - after finishing avoiding cameramen for the day

Why I'm not blogging so much

I should explain about my absences online

I'm having a major declutter and reorganisation of my home at the moment as I'm seeing my consultant again next week to find out the likely timetable for my ankle fusion operation.

Otherwise known as "how to be non-weight bearing on one ankle / live on just one leg for at least three months / while not looking like Long John Silver" which is realistically what I'm faced with.

This is complicated by the fact I also need a shoulder replacement operation (don't get severe osteoarthritis like me!) for my left should - so crutches are not really an option.

Hence I'm having both a major declutter and major reorganisation of furniture "just in case" I need to end up using a wheelchair for 3 months while the new bone grows and "fuses" so I can walk without pain - and my current set-up has to be made wheelchair accessible!

I've just had my invite for a vaccination so that's one hurdle cleared (i.e. I wasn't going into hospital without my vaccinations being done first).

However this might all be very academic given the very long waiting list for non-emergency operations......

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