Monday, September 28, 2020

BP Next Generation 2020 – MAKE ART – goes online with 13 Videos

This is about a wonderful NEW Next Generation Resource for anybody - particularly young people - who wants to learn more about drawing and painting portraits - using different skills and media.

One of the benefits of the sponsorship of the BP Portrait Award was the scope it gave to the National Portrait Gallery to offer BP Next Generation educational activities for the next generation of portrait artists - which I was incited to check out in 2012 (see BP Portrait Award: Inspiring portraits by teenagers)

This year, no gallery and the pandemic problems means that they've had to come up with a new solution to how they can encourage young people to develop their skills and competences in relation to portrait drawing and painting.

This is a series of YouTube videos accessible for free by everyone - no matter what age you are. 

You can see an image of the MAKE ART | BP Next Generation Videos Playlist on its National Portrait Gallery YouTube Channel below.

MAKE ART | BP Next Generation Videos Playlist
- available via the National Portrait Gallery You Tube Channel

The videos are split between:

BASIC SKILLS re Portraiture and Features

  • A Warm-up Drawing Exercise
  • Looking and Analysing
  • Tips for Sketching a Basic Portrait
  • Tips for Sketching an Eye
  • Tips for Sketching a Nose
  • Tips for Sketching a Mouth
  • How to Create a Pop Art Inspired Portrait


    • A Willow Charcoal Exercise
    • Oil Pastels
    • Fine Line Pen Technique
    • Choosing a Palette
    • How to Use a Ground
    • How to Create a Limited Palette Portrait

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