Friday, August 16, 2019

Sculpture at Wisley 2019

Yesterday we went to RHS Wisley and found there is a Modern and Contemporary Sculpture Trail around the garden which includes works by Henry Moore.

The exhibition of modern and contemporary sculpture around the 240 acre garden runs until 1 December 2019.
Sculpture at Wisley 2019 features the work of seminal 20th and 21st century artists: Henry Moore, Lynn Chadwick, Tracey Emin, Phillip King, Henry Bruce and Philip Haas.
In addition - formally opening tomorrow - the Surrey Sculpture Society Trail has other works by more local artists and continues until 22nd September.

I've included images from both exhibitions below.  If you like sculpture, Wisley is well worth a visit in the near future while both Sculpture Trails are on.

Henry Moore

Draped Reclining Figure by Henry Moore
next to the Jellicoe Canal
Locking Piece by Henry Moore
next to the Lake
Large Standing Figure - Knife Edge 1976 by Henry Moore
in the Bowes-Lyon Rose Garden
This piece seems to have claimed by the kids as the Sculpture Play Park! It had kids around it all the time we were near it.

The pieces have been lent to the exhibition by the Henry Moore Foundation at Hoglands

(You can see more Henry Moore pieces at Hoglands in my blog post Sculpture in the garden at Hoglands, Perry Green and my Flickr set Henry Moore Sculptures, Hoglands, Perry Green)

Lynn Chadwick

Little Girl, I, II , III by Lynn Chadwick
in between the Walled Gardens and the Lake
Lynn Russell Chadwick, CBE RA (24 November 1914 – 25 April 2003) was an English sculptor and artist. He was known for his innovative bronze and steel sculptures of abstracted and expressive figures and animals.

Henry Bruce

There's a Giant's Chair by Henry Bruce at the top of the Mixed Borders Hill.
The Giant's Chair made by used to stand on Dartmoor - but generated rather too many visitors for the infrastructure of the locality near where it stood - and it didn't have permanent planning permission - so it went into storage and is now out again and on top of the hill at Wisley.

Giant's Chair by Henry Bruce
Size: 20ft x 12ft x 10ft, Green Oak
view other images
(on loan from Ivor Braka Ltd)
Giant's Chair by Henry Bruce
This gives you a sense of how big it is

Mark Swan

In terms of the Surrey Sculpture Trail I met and talked with Mark Swan who has two pieces in the trail. The one that caught by eye was the diver diving into the water feature on the Cottage Garden.

Mark Swan with Diva - waxing her joints!
in the Cottage Garden
Diva by Mark Swan
- is made in bronze resin so it looks like Bronze but is much lighter, easier to move and not as expensive
Orchidea by Mark Swan
next to the Vegetable Garden
steel, laminated glass fibre £8,500

Adam Warwick Hall

Adam Warwick Hall loves aerodynamics and has a website called My other half perked up when he saw this....

Biodonata by Adam Warwick Hall
FR B/B grade plywood and steel £2,800
On graduating he immediately started work as a sculptor and model maker for the Film and TV industry at Shepperton and Pinewood Studios. He then progressed to specialist work with Exhibition and Aerospace companies creating one-off pieces which other trades were not able to make due to their complex curves and diverse materials.