Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I'm at the RHS Botanical Art Show all week

Apologies to those who are expecting the next instalment of my review of the BP Portrait Award but I haven't quite finished it and I'm now at or occupied with the RHS Botanical Art Show (RHS London Botanical Art and Photography Show) for the rest of the week - followed by lying down in a dark room for a while because I'll be out for the count!

The next instalment PART TWO - ANALYSIS & what's changed should be up on Sunday.

In the meantime if you like Botanical Art get down to the RHS Lindley Hall in Elverton Street, Westminster where you can see a fabulous international art exhibition - of botanical art - with artists who have flown in from all over the world - and RHS medals awarded for their efforts.

Here's a couple of my blog posts about it - and you can see pics from the Reception last night on my Botanical Art and Artists Facebook Page
So nice to go to an exhibition where there are clearly defined standards for the subject matter and all the judging panel include people who are botanical artists who've already won RHS Gold Medals and other experts!

Now there's an idea - create a Judging Panel for the BP Portrait Award of previous First Prize Winners!