Saturday, June 15, 2019


My apologies to those waiting for further blog posts about the BP Portrait Award 2019.

Unfortunately I've got website issues which need addressing sooner rather than later
PLUS I'm a tad pooped from a week involving one Awards ceremony, three Private or Press views for three different exhibitions - on successive days - and a lengthy visit to the Hospital for tests. All of which also seemed to involve rain!

So normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Further posts will cover:
  • Artists with their Paintings
  • A 20 minute very articulate video interview with Charlie Shaffer, winner of the BP Portrait Award 2019 First Prize
  • A review of the exhibition
Below is a nice pic of the  BP Portrait/Travel Award prizewinners minus the First Prizewinner
Left to right:
  • Massimiliano Pironti - 3rd prize (Italy)
  • Emma Hopkins - Young Artist (UK);
  • Carl-Martin Sandvold - 2nd prize (Norway);
  • Manu Kaur Saluja - BP Travel Award (USA)
Massimiliano's portrait of his grandmother is in the background

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