Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Read: Starting out - TIPS for an Emerging Artist

This is the first in an occasional series of "long SUNDAY READS". By which I mean, highlighting topics or web pages which involve reading for more than a minute!

If you are an artist who has developed your skills in making art and worked out what you want to make art about - you might now be wanting to move on to the next stage.

So my first read relates to a page which is trying to answer all those questions that artists have when they want to move on
  • If you're NOT a hobby painter who's happy hanging artwork on your walls or stashing it in cupboards
but rather you're 
  • an art student who wants to gear up for your future career
  • an established artist whose career has stalled - and you need a refresh
  • just an artist who wants to make some progress beyond making art
Try reading STARTING OUT - TIPS ​for an Emerging Artist

This first SUNDAY READ is all about the attitudes, habits, knowledge and practices related to the art business which will help emerging artists develop their careers - and exhibit and sell their art.

Although the page is titled "Starting Out" it's actually as much for more established artists who want to "rev up" their careers

So If you want.....
  • to be a success as an artist
  • to avoid failing as an artist
  • to be successful selling 'daily paintings'
  • to sell your art online
  • to exhibit your work
  • to be more productive
  • to develop your career
  • to get representation by a gallery
Try my LONG SUNDAY READ #1 for tips about "what you need to know" and practical advice about working as a visual artist.

It's by no means a finished page.  I'm intending this should be a page that I keep adding content to over time - as I develop more of my Art Business Info for Artists website.

Do please take a look. I'm very happy to receive any thoughts, queries or comments you may have via

  • EITHER feedback in a private message to my website
  • OR leave a comment on this blog post below.

I'm particularly interested in the questions that emerging artists want answered. That will help with the continued development of the page. I already know what quite a few of these are - but am always interested to learn more about what are your BIG issues. 

Plus you never know I may have already written about the topic!



  1. Thanks so much for this Katherine. I’ll be looking forward to reading these on a Sunday afternoon and if you don’t mind I’ll be sharing it with my friends on ArtistHour, a Facebook page I run along with my friend Claudia - a support and discussion magazine page for like minded artists.
    Anyway my biggest issue is making the time to paint (also finding the energy and the motivation) whilst holding down a full time job. The day job is a necessary evil I understand that but does one need to consider a different way of painting, a different approach, only enter exhibitions, not enter exhibitions etc... I’d be interested to hear some thoughts. Anne x

  2. Fantastic Katherine, more useful information for us. It's a great idea to have a long Sunday read too as there isn't much time in most artists' lives! Having just come across your business for artists site, I feel I have lots of information to hand that I spend hours trawling for on the net. Thank you.


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