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Mall Galleries Call for Entries Checklist 2017 - Federation of British Artists' Exhibitions

The dates for deadlines for submissions, receiving days and exhibition dates for all the 2017 open exhibitions at the Mall Galleries by national art societies - that are Federation of British Artists (FBA) members - are listed below.

Entrance to the the Headquarters of the Federation of British Artists
17 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5BD

All dates have been announced on the Mall Galleries website. The link in the exhibition date below is to the page with all the details of dates and process re. submissions.

If you want a page of relevant dates for all the FBA Societies that you can print out try the 2017 Call for Entries Checklist of Dates pdf file produced by the Mall Galleries.

Note that some exhibitions are shorter or longer and that the dates of some submissions or exhibitions have moved by one week or more.

FBA Exhibitions in 2017

ALL work must be submitted online.

Art Society
Submit Online - DEADLINE
Receiving Day
in 2017
Exhibition Dates
in 2017
(November 2016)
7 January
9 December 2016
21 January
(6 days shorter than 2016)
6 January 2017
11 February
(1week longer than 2016)
20 January 2017
25 February
24 February 2017 earlier than 2016
8 April
30 June 2017
(1 week later than 2016)
5 August
(1 week later than 2016)
(1 day shorter)
21 July 2017
(2 weeks earlier than 2016)
26 August
(2 weeks earlier than 2016)
(1 week earlier / 1 day shorter)
dates not announced
25 August 2017
7 October
30 November - 10 December

The proper Checklist also includes dates for the following:
  • Online Submissions open
  • Login for Results of Online Assessment
  • Check for Results of Panel Assessment
  • Unaccepted Collection of artwork
  • Unsold Collection of artwork

FBA Exhibitions in 2018

The following dates are predictions based on the last two years.

Art Society
Submit Online - DEADLINE
Receiving Day
in 2018
Exhibition Dates
in 2018
November 2017
early January
February - March
December 2017
late January
March - April
January 2018

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