Monday, October 03, 2016

American Masters at the Salmagundi

You can see paintings by all the artists in the American Masters Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club on the exhibition website.

Very oddly, there is only one photograph of the exhibition on the related Facebook Page (which is still dominated by the 2015 exhibition; the feature image on the website is of the 2015 exhibition, the URK of the artists' page indicates 2015 and there is no video.

I think some updating online needs to happen sooner rather than later! Maybe somebody could some photographs and/or upload them to the website and Facebook Page? I did find some images of what the exhibition looks like on the Facebook Page of Tim Newton - and the exhibition and gallery look amazing!

Most paintings are very traditional in terms of subject matter and painting style compared to the UK. That said there's some very fine examples of painting on display.

The majority of paintings are in oil. It's a great pity there are no watercolour paintings as some of the most impressive American painters I know work in watercolour. There's one artist who works exclusively in graphite and one who does woodcuts so it's obviously not exclusively an oil painting exhibition.

Obviously I can't visit the exhibition, so I've done the next best thing and have included links to the websites of artists whose work I liked - you'll find them embedded in their name.

The selected artists are:
  • Douglas Allen
  • Kathy Anderson - I like some but not all of her floral paintings. Some are a tad overbright which seems to be an American convention.
  • Del-Bouree Bach, 
  • Garin Baker
  • Cindy Baron - I like the atmospheric effects in the landscapes she paints
  • D. Elienne Basa - good to see somebody challenging the conventional format for landscape paintings
  • Zufar Bikbov, 
  • Christopher Blossom, 
  • Eric Bowman
  • Roger Dale Brown, 
  • Kelly Carmody
  • Scott Christenson - I'm a fan of big vistas
  • Nicholas Coleman
  • Carole Cooke
  • Nancy Seamons Crookston
  • Stephen C. Datz
  • William R. Davis
  • Don Demers
  • David Dornan
  • Kathleen Dunphy - I've seen a number of her paintings over the years and she seems to be good at capturing the way in which colour palettes need to vary with the light. She also has a useful blog. Incidentally this is one of the best designed and easuy to navigate websites.
  • Ron Elstad
  • Mary Erickson
  • Andy Evansen
  • West Fraser
  • George Gallo
  • Max Ginsburg
  • James Gurney - I guess many of us are familiar with James work and books. This is the site on which he posts his original art.  That's a very impressive landscape (below)
James Gurney and his wife at the exhibition. His two paintings are on the left.
  • George Hallmark
  • Quang Ho - an impressive impressionist painter. It's great to see somebody whose work is not overly refined.
  • Charlie Hunter - you can see more of his paintings on Flickr
  • Joel Carson Jones - somebody who is a fan of Trompe l'oeil paintings
  • Michelle Jung
  • Thomas Kegler
  • Tim Kelley
  • Michael Klein - one of the very few who has a contemporary website in terms of design and responsiveness. Visually impressive paintings (although his images take a while to load).
  • Joshua LaRock
  • David A. Leffel
  • Joseph Larusso
  • Leon Loughridge -an artist who produces woodblock prints. You can see how his work is produced on his website
  • Antonio Masi
  • William Matthews
  • Sherrie McGraw, 
  • Joseph McGurl, 
  • Terry Miller - drawings in graphite. This is his blog
  • James Morgan
  • Ned Mueller
  • C.W. Mundy - his website declares him to be an American Impressionist (but is a bit slow) 
  • Billyo O'Donnell
  • Joseph Paquet - interestingly he has an ongoing project to record the buildings and landscape of industrial and roadside America that he grew up with - which is recorded in a website titled Rust/Roadsides. I suspect this will become more and more important over time.
  • Robert Pillsbury
  • Sergio Roffo
  • Jason Sacran
  • Patrick Saunders
  • Claudia Seymour
  • Burton Silverman
  • Matt Smith
  • Kate Starling
  • John Stobart
  • Nancy Tankersley - one of the few with a more impressionist treatment of her subjects
  • John C. Traynor
  • Thomas Valenti
  • Curt Walters
  • Jeff Weaver
  • Charles Yoder
Click the image to find out more about the artist and to see other paintings by them in the exhibition.

Another thing that is very odd is that very few of the painters have included their website address with their details. However some have so it's obviously allowed. 

Exhibition details

This is the 8th exhibition of the American Masters.

Venue: The 1853 brownstone mansion. of the Salmagundi Club, 47 Fifth Avenue. New York City
Dates: September 29 through October 21st 2016
The event will help celebrate the recent $1.5 million renovation and restoration of the Club’s Upper Gallery space in their landmarked 19th of Greenwich Village. This fine art exhibition and sale will feature works by nationally recognized artists not often exhibited in New York City.
Paintings are not sold as in a normal exhibition. There is a Gala evening when a ballot will be used to determine who gets the opportunity to buy a painting. You can find details about the Sale Event on 14th October