Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Why we draw cats

Did you know that the query "How to draw a cat" generates 40 MILLION results if you ask Google.

Interestingly if you query "why we draw cats" Google becomes deaf and pretends it hasn't heard and serve up more takes on "how to draw a cat".

I think the reason people draw cats is because we own cats - lots of them! There's about 7.5 million in the UK and where I live there's about 600 cats per square mile.

We also draw cats because when we've fed them they lie down and stay pretty still for rather a long time - and it's a lot easier drawing a cat which doesn't move!

....and because we love them.

One year ago today Cosmo died. (RIP Cosmo 2000-2015)
I can't believe it's a year. I still miss him every day. I still get tearful when I try to talk about him.

One year ago right about now we were taking him to the vet for the last time - and then brought him home again for some last drawings of his last sleep.

It seems this year as if rather a lot of people I know have also lost their cats.

I've watched as new kittens have arrived - but I simply haven't been able to replace him (and not just because Somali kittens are very difficult to find!) but simply because he is totally irreplaceable.

What I do know is that I wouldn't be without all the drawings I've got of him.

I look back through sketchbooks and suddenly there's yet another drawing of Cosmo - usually half finished because he decided to move while snoozing.

I've found it difficult drawing in the last year.

Maybe this explains why. I came across this comment by me in an earlier blog post
Did I not tell you all that Cosmo has to sit right next to me and watch while I draw? And if I show the slightest inclination to pause and reflect and not remain alert to his likely next move, he's climbing into my lap - right across the artwork.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Always draw the ones you love - because you never know when they're not going to leave you.

It applies to everybody - not just cats.....