Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Drawing and Flu

What don't we want for Christmas? Flu! Which is what I've had for the last week. It made cooking the Christmas Day meal a bit of a challenge, quickly followed by the most dozing I've ever done on that day. I tried drawing while I had flu - and produced things even I had trouble recognising in the morning. I blame the temperature!

Cosmo catnapping

Anyway, last night I produced this and this morning I've decided I must be on the mend as it is recognisably Cosmo (my Somali boy cat) lying on the plump back cushion of the yellow armchair and resting against its back - a place much favoured for dozing by all my cats over the years. This will become the latest edition to the catnapping series which can be seen on my website. It was done in my A5 size Daler Rowney black hardback sketch book. This has very smooth paper and the pages are perforated which makes it easy to either extract drawings if need be or to draw across two pages with ease. The drawing was done with an ordinary mechanical pencil. And I still can't decide whether or not I would have preferred it with all his dangling paw included - I'll maybe see next time he adopts this pose!

[Image size adjusted January 2016]

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