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Christopher Green wins Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2017

The winner of the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2017 is a large scale ink drawing by Christopher Green. He wins the £15,000 First Prize and the Gold Medal funded by The Lynn Foundation.

This post tells you about the prize and how to see the exhibition of selected works. It also contained images of the exhibition, my commentary on the exhibitions and references past blog posts about this prestigious competition.

Lynn Painter-Stainers - The Prizewinners Wall 2017
  • the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize aims to encourage the very best creative representational painting and promote the skill of draftsmanship.
  • over 1,000 artists submitted more than 2,000 works
  • 105 paintings were selected
  • You can see all the works in the 2017 exhibition on the competition website
  • The exhibition can also be seen in the Main Gallery of the Mall Galleries until 18 March 2017. Admission is free
Lunchtime, Liverpool Street is a very calligraphic drawing/painting with a lot of intense tones and masses of content and detail - although it's not drawn in a hyper-realistic way.

Winner of Lynn Painter-Stainers First Prize 2017
Lunchtime, Liverpool Street by Christopher Green

ink on paper  142 x 136 cm £5,800
Apparently, the artist spent two months standing outside a London branch of McDonald's drawing the scene that won this top prize in the UK art world.
   The work was created in sections. There are (I think) 48 pieces of paper on which the drawing has been created. He's been meticulous with the crossovers. You're aware that it's a composite but there's nothing in the crossovers that prompt this realisation. Everything butts up beautifully!

Christopher Green completed The Drawing Year at The Prince's Drawing School (now the Royal Drawing School) in 2008, after graduating with an MA Fine Art from Byam Shaw School of Art.

a close-up of the winning painting by Christopher Green

Other Prizewinners

The other prizewinners are as follows:
  • Second Prize (£4,000) Self-Portrait in a Peanut Factory by Michael Chance
  • Brian Botting Prize for Works for the Human Figure (£5,000) : Elfe by Júlia Moscardó i Chàfer (to be awarded to an artist aged 30 or under for an outstanding representation of the human figure.)
  • Young Artist Award (£4,000):  Victoria by Jessica Burgess, Oil, acrylic, collage on canvas,100 x 100cm, £850
  • The People's Award (£2,000) will be announced at the end of the exhibition.
Second Prize
Self-Portrait in the Peanut Factory by Michael Chance

Oil on board,122 x 152cm, £8500

Winner of Brian Botting Prize for Works for the Human Figure
Elfe by Júlia Moscardó i Chàfer

Oil on board,66 x 66cm, £2000

Winner of Young Artist Prize
Victoria by Jessica Burgess, 

Oil, acrylic, collage on canvas,100 x 100cm, £850

Commentary on the exhibition

I sat in the middle of the exhibition and tried to work out why the exhibition looked different.

My conclusions were as follows:
  • There are lots of familiar names - typically people who enter competitions - and get selected - but also some of the members of art societies who enter competitions plus somebody I'd not hear of before.
  • Fewer drawings than usual - which is odd given that this prize is supposed to be about contemporary representation drawings as well as paintings
  • overall the exhibition fits the brief of being contemporary and representational. 
  • The selected works are also diverse in terms of how they've been drawn or painted
  • However, the palette of colours is NOT diverse
I knew that there was something about the colour which kept tugging at my brain and finally I worked it out. 

The palette throughout the exhibition is earths, blues, greens and neutrals. There's incredibly little within the red-purple spectrum (see the images of the exhibition below to see what I mean). What little red there is really bounces off the wall at you.

More about the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize (2008-2017)


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