Resources for Artists

Resources for Artists 

These are my suite of Resources for Artists websites which are currently being moved to new websites. This pages focuses on art basics, art media, materials and equipment, genre and subject
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Botanical Art, Flowers and Gardens in Art 

You can see my own artwork on my portfolio website

This is my NEW compendium website Botanical Art and Artists


The Best Botanical Art Instruction Books
 Learn about the best botanical art and botanical illustration books. Includes reviews of (1) botanical art instruction books - for those wanting to develop their skills and (2) books about famous botanical artists and painters of flowers in the past...

The Best Books about Botanical Artists & Illustrators - about famous botanical artists in the past.

Flowers in Art - Resources for Artists  
 Do you love looking at flowers in art? Do you want to know how to learn to draw or paint flowers? Do you want to improve your flower drawings or flower paintings? Or do you just love flowers? If you do then consult the resources in this lens to find...

Gardens in Art - Resources for Artists  
If you love looking at paintings of gardens or enjoy drawing or painting your own garden or gardens you visit then this site will interest you. It also looks at gardens as art and artwork in gardens.

Art - The Basics

Composition and Design -  Resources for Artists 
You can use composition and design to help to make your artwork more more pleasing to the eye. This lens contains links to
  • information and advice about composition and design for artists.
  • various books concerned with composition and design.

Colour - Resources for Artists 
What is colour? Do you know or do you want to learn more about colour and its use as an artist? This site provides links to information and advice about colour and how to understand and analyse it - and then use it as an artist.  It includes:
  • links to The Colour Project
  • lists of colours
  • pigments and the issues they present for artists
  • an overview of colour science and theory
  • colourist painters.
  • books about colour
  • tips, techniques and tools for using colour
  • organisations, websites and blogs focused on colour
Drawing and Sketching - Resources for Artists 
Find out about drawing and sketching. This site shares advice and information about drawing and sketching - materials, drawing communities and forums, instruction books and other resources which support the development of drawings and sketches.

Advanced Basics
  • Colour Science, systems and models
  • Creating a Series 
How to sign a painting

What's the best way for an artist to sign a painting? Should you date as well as sign a painting? How can you identify the genuine signature of an artist? Where can I see artists signatures? These are just some of the questions about signatures asked by artists and art lovers.


How to draw perspective 

Do you want to learn how to draw perspective? Ever wondered about the natural and technical aspects of perspective? This is a guide to some of the best resources online about drawing perspective - including the best instruction books about drawing perspective for artists, illustrators, etc


A brand new website is coming soon!

In the Studio

Art Equipment - Resources for Artists This site is for visual artists.  It provides links to: items of art equipment and tools recommended ways of putting together toolkits and recommendations for equipment for working in the studio or plein air

Art Supplies in the UK - Resources for Artists
Do you have problems finding art shops or sites providing artist supplies or just anywhere that has got that illusive item that you want. Do you forget who stocks which range? This site provides details about where to find fine art materials and art supplies in and around the UK.  It shares details of online suppliers and the locations of retail shops and stores that you can visit as a retail or trade customer.

Art Supplies in the USA - Resources for Artists
Do you have problems finding art shops or art suppliers or just anywhere that has got that illusive item that you want. Do you forget who stocks which range?

My Favourite Art Shops - Resources for Artists 
As more and more sales move online, it's crucial that all artists continue to patronise and support our favourite 'bricks and mortar' art shops in our towns and cities. These are where we can find the specialist art materials which can be impossible...

Art Media, Materials and Supplies

Coloured Pencils - Resources for Artists  
Find out about coloured pencils. This leading resource has information for everybody from experienced artists to beginners wanting to learn all they can.  Topics include
  • tips and techniques for working with coloured pencils,
  • information about coloured pencil brands and associated products (CHECK OUT the poll - find out which make of artist grade coloured pencils is the favourite.)
  • coloured pencil societies,
  • coloured pencil artists and
  • forums where you can discuss coloured pencil matters with artists working in coloured pencils
Pastels - Resources for Artists   Want to know more about brands of hard and soft pastels or how to use pastels? Experienced pastel artists and those new to creating art using pastels will find interesting information and helpful advice provided below.  Topics covered
  • information about and reviews of different pastel brands and supports
  • two polls where you can vote for your favourite brand of soft or hard pastel
  • learning about how to use pastels - books about pastels plus lots of practical tips, tricks and techniques for working with and using pastels - plus links to the websites of artists and pastel societies offering pastel workshops and classes
  • links to: the websites of pastel societies and leading pastel artists; information about famous pastel artists; museums with famous pastel art; pastel forums where you can discuss pastel matters with pastel artists
Unison Pastels  - Resources for Artists  
Unison produce a really great range of highly pigmented sets of Soft Pastels in colour values which are completely addictive. Recently Unison topped a poll to find artists' favourite brand of soft pastels. I'm a massive fan of Unison Pastels and I'd like to share what I know with all soft pastel addicts.  On this site you can find out all about Unison Pastels.

Pen and Ink - Resources  for Artists 
This lens provides information and advice for artists using pen and ink. Topics covered include tips and techniques for working with pen and ink, books about working in pen and ink and information about different brands of pens suitable for artists and ink brands and associated products.

Egg Tempera - Resources for Artists
This lens is about egg tempera and provides links to all sorts of websites  associated with egg tempera - other websites providing information about egg tempera, artists, supports and grounds, pigments and pigment suppliers in the UK Europe and the USA, books, instruction and workshops about egg tempera and forums for egg tempera artists.

Paper and Non-Canvas Supports - Resources for Artists 

This resource is for visual artists who draw and paint.  It provides information about and links to suppliers of different brands of fine art paper and other non-canvas supports.  Plus information about how to make paper.The resource covers:
- a guide to paper and non-canvas supports
- a glossary of paper terms and work
- fine art paper suppliers and paper mills
- how to make paper, plus videos and papermaking supplies
- links relating to different types and brands of fine art paper
- sketchbooks
- blogging about paper


A brand new website is coming soon!


Portraiture - Res ources for Artists 
This site is about portrait painting and drawing. Do you want to learn how to draw or paint people? Or maybe you want to know more about portrait societies or portrait competitions; portrait artists or portrait exhibitions; portraits in museums or portraits online?

Animal Art

Feline Art - Resources for Artists 
This lens aims to provide resources for feline artists.  It shares information about feline art - societies, collections, books and other resources which support the stimulation and development of feline art.

Wildlife Art - R esources for Artists 
Wildlife Art is hugely popular and attracts a very big following in terms of both artists and people who love animals. So much so that as a genre, it has art societies, exhibitions, competitions and galleries which are dedicated to the cause. Do you have a link for this site?

Genre Art

Miniature Art - Resources  for Artists This lens is about miniature art and netsuke. It shares information about miniature art and netsuke - art societies, exhibitions, materials, forums, books and other resources which support the development of miniature art.

Still Life - Resources for Artists
 This lens provides information and advice from various websites for artists wanting to understand and draw and paint still life subjects. Topics covered include:
-  definitions and categories of 'still life';
-  links to museums, art galleries and exhibitions of still life paintings;
-  books about the history of still life art;
-  books about how to paint still life;
-  links to tips and techniques for drawing and painting still life subjects and
-  still life artists.

Art Education - Resources for Artists

Art Schools in the UK - Resources for Artists
Are you interested in doing a fine art course? Are you trying to decide which art school to apply to? Do you know what your choice is if you want to do an undergraduate degree or postgraduate course in art and/or design?

Online Art Communities 

Art Forums - Resources for Artists   
The art world is a very large place. For artists who want to commune online there are different places and communities which suit different people. This is an overview of art forums and art groups where you can show your art and have discussions abou...

Painting Holidays and Art Colonies

Art Colonies, Communities and Networks - Resources for Artists  
This lens provides resources for people who would like to know more about art colonies, art communities and artists' networks - places where artists have created groups and communities and ways of communicating within a specific locality.

Venice - a resource for artists  and art lovers
The site is about Venice and provides resources for artists and art lovers visiting Venice.  The information it contains is based on the suggestions of artists who have visited Venice or live in Venice.

Art Holidays - Resources for Artists 
Have you ever thought about going on a painting holiday? Maybe you'd like to improve on your experience last time? Or maybe you're thinking of providing painting holidays or workshops and are wondering what you need to do.