Thursday, February 05, 2009

Resources for Artists - Selling Art Online

Well quite apart from the fact I've written three blog posts today already(!), the reason this blog post is rather later than usual is because I've been developing another couple of websites in the selling art online series.

Here's a link to a new Squidoo Headquarters Group for all the selling art online information sites I've been creating. It's called Resources for Artists - Selling Art Online. If you just want one bookmark for the series of sites relating to selling art online why not try this one?

It's a companion for the Resources for Artists - The Art Business Headquarters Group that I created last week - also worth bookmarking! :)

Tomorrow they both get a new addition when I publish a new information site - Selling Daily Paintings - Resources for Artists - about relevant websites, information and advice about the painting a day movement and daily paintings generally.

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Olha Pryymak said...

Thank you so much Katherine. This Squeedo resource is something everybody wanted to have but you are the first to comprehensively put it together.