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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Summer Exhibition 2014 at the Royal Academy of Arts

I visited the 246th Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts today. Below you'll find a photoessay about exhibition plus two sections about
  • facts about the Summer Exhibition 2014
  • changes in the Summer Exhibition
I'll be doing another couple of posts - about artwork I liked and who won the Prizes - with the big one being announced on Saturday night.

I wasn't blown away by any of the rooms or pieces in the show - although there's a lot to like - however I still puzzle as to how or why some pieces get in! Overall it's both well hung and 'hangs together' better than some other shows

Some facts about the 246th Summer Exhibition

Entries and artworks

  • 12,000 people entered works for the exhibition via the open entry; 
  • 1,262 artworks are listed in the catalogue
  • works from this year's selection from the open entry were initially selected from digital images

Summer Exhibition Committee

The Summer Exhibition Committee for 2014 includes the following Royal Academicians: Hughie O’Donoghue (coordinator) - who have the tour this morning. Plus Eileen Cooper, Gus Cummins, Richard MacCormac, John Maine, Chris Orr, Cornelia Parker, Eric Parry and Emma Stibbon.

Summer Exhibition - Venue | Opening dates and times

The Summer Exhibition can be seen in the Main Galleries of the RA's home at Burlington House, in Piccadilly. It opens to the public on Monday 9th June and finishes on 17th August 2014. The exhibition is open

  • daily 10am – 6pm daily (last admission 5.30pm) 
  • with a late night opening on Fridays until 10pm (last admission 9.30pm)
Tickets are available daily at the RA or by visiting Admission prices include the List of Works giving details on every exhibit in the show. Adult ticket £13.50 (without Gift Aid donation £12); concessions available; under 12s go free. Friends of the RA go free.

Art for sale

  • the majority of art is for sale
  • the top price I've spotted (to date) is £600,000 for Last Train by new academician Ron Arad RA. (Check out his website - I was left wondering how come it had taken the RA so long to invite him to become a member!)
  • the most sales come from the Print Room - very popular with visitors as it offers the opportunity to buy art without a mortgage!
Gallery II - one of the Print Rooms
curated by Chris Orr RA and Emma Stibbon RA
Gallery I - one of the Print Rooms
curated by Chris Orr RA and Emma Stibbon RA

New Academicians

  • there are more new Royal Academicians this year than ever before. 
  • most of the new RAs have never exhibited at the RA before
  • all art submitted by the RA has to be hung - so in effect the look and feel of the exhibition is dictated by the work submitted by the RAs

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Threadneedle Prize 2014 - what's changed and how to enter

Some important changes have been made to the Call for Entries for the Threadneedle Prize 2014 for figurative painting and sculpture with a prize valued at £30,000
  • This post 
    • highlights the changes in process
    • unpicks and summarises the "call for entries"
  • highlights the key dates in the processes for submission, selection and exhibition
  • highlights my blog posts about the Threadneedle Prize last year

Paintings in the Threadneedle Exhibition 2013 - in The Threadneedle Space at the Mall Galleries 

The Threadneedle Prize

The Threadneedle Prize is about contemporary figurative art. It's aim is to
  • champion the most interesting figurative artists working in Europe.
  • offer both established and emerging artists a high profile opportunity to showcase their work at a leading venue in Central London. 
  • maintain its status as the country’s leading competition for figurative and representational painting and sculpture

Previous winners and shortlisted artists include
  • Nina Murdoch, now represented by Marlborough Fine Art, and 
  • Rose Wylie, who is currently on show at Tate Britain. 

Figurative Art Today (the 2014 exhibition) will include the selected artworks for the final exhibition and will intentionally represent a comprehensive survey of both high quality and variety in figurative art being produced in the UK and Europe.

The Threadneedle Prize was established in 2008 with the support of Threadneedle Investments, a leading international investment management firm with long-term commitment to supporting the arts.

The changes

Friday, March 21, 2014

Stunning sculpture in Transcending Boundaries

If you'd like to see some absolutely fabulous sculpture, get down to the Mall Galleries and visit the Transcending Boundaries Exhibition 2014. It's an exhibition of contemporary art by leading West African artists - and the sculpture is just stunning. The exhibition closes on 22 March at 3pm.

The artist I'd like to single out is Bunmi Babatunde - absolutely amazing work. So simple and so full of movement at the same time.

Possibilities V by Bunmi BabatundeFibreglass
This one really needed a white wall behind it.

Paddler by Bunmi Babatunde
Ebony Wood
Bata Dancer by Bunmi Babatunde
Other very good sculptures I saw were by Reuben Ugbine and Fidelis Odogwu. Both had very distinctive styles and produced sculpture with presence and impact.

Sculpture by Reuben Ugbine, Bunmi Babatunde and Fidelis Odogwu

I also liked the colours in the painting by Sam Ovraiti, a prominent Nigerian artist who has an obvious fascination with colour.

The Colour and Spirit of Dance (crop) by Sam Ovraiti

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sensing Spaces - pictures from an exhibition at the RA

Reproduction of the inside of one of the
Gallery doors by Eduardo Souto de Moura
How can you experience architecture in an exhibition when it's in another place?

It's sometimes easy to forget that one of the categories of members of the Royal Academy of Arts relates to architecture.

The challenge therefore for the RA is how to represent architecture in its exhibitions.

I guess a number of us will be familiar with the designs and small models of buildings in ever Summer Exhibition - but it's always so crowded it's not a room I tend to linger long in.

Which is really odd given I started off wanting to be an architect when I was age 8.

I used to go to the library in the early 1960s and track down every book I could find on Mies van De Rohe, Walter Gropius, Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier - and used to sit and look at the pictures and the plans for hours on end.

Sensing Spaces: Architecture reimagined

Seven architectural practices from six countries and four continents. 

23,000 square feet. 

72 days. 

One monumental exhibition.

Installation of split and laced bamboo infused with the oil of cypress by Kengo Kumar
I'm still partial to a good bit of architecture but much less well acquainted with what's going on in architecture these days.  So the new exhibition - "Sensing Spaces: Architecture reimagined" - at the Royal Academy of Arts is interesting to me from two perspectives:
  • how contemporary architects from across the world are designing structures and spaces
  • how the RA has created an exhibition about contemporary architecture within the confines of the main galleries.
The galleries have been given over to seven architectural practices from across the globe - although none are from the UK and none involve any of the academicians. (I must confess I'm struggling to understand an exhibition website which at no point has a page which names the works or the construction materials or the responsible architects).  These are:
Installation by Grafton Partners
I have to confess I tend to regard most of the exhibition as being massive installations of the sculptural variety. For example, from my perspective there's not a lot of difference between some of them and the Land Art created by Andy Goldsworthy. This impression is also reinforced by some of the architects also referring to them as "installations".

Installation in blue pine by Pezo von Ellrichshausen
That said it's amazing to see some of the spaces utterly transformed by the structures which took some three weeks to build within the galleries.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

David Shepherd's Wildlife Artist of the Year 2014 - deadline extended to 5th February

The deadline for entries for David Shepherd's Wildlife Artist of the Year 2014 (First prize £10,000)
  • WAS Monday 20th January
  • BUT is now midnight on Wednesday 5th February 2014
Below you can find the information about this very popular art competition for wildlife artists.

There are two new categories for 2014:
  • Wildlife in Monochrome - particularly suitable for those who work in fine art prints, graphite or charcoal
  • Silver Artist - for the Over 60s - which I think is a great idea!
The Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition will be held at the Mall Galleries, London Tuesday 3rd to Saturday 7th June 2014, 10am to 5pm (closes 4pm on final day).

The Private View will be held on 29th May 6-9pm. The Private View for this has an excellent attendance with lots of enthusiastic private collectors of wildlife art and lots of sales.  If you're a collector and want an invite I suggest you get in touch with the Foundation.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year website page

Call for Entries Summary

Full details are available on the Wildlife Artist of the Year - Terms & Conditions page on the DS website.  They also have a Wildlife Artist of the Year - Frequently asked questions page


The Overall Winner wins £10,000 cash prize and title 'David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2014'. In addition:
  • Overall Runner-Up £1,000 cash prize. 
  • Remaining Category Winners £500 each. 

Deadlines for entries

The (extended) closing date is 5 February 2014. No entries will be considered after the closing date.

Who can submit

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Major Art Competitions in the UK in 2014

This is my annual post about Major Art Competitions in the UK. Below you will find a list of all ALL major art competitions in the UK in 2014 plus:
  • an overview of what each competition is about
  • links to more information
  • key dates - including the deadline for entry where known.
First a preamble about other useful information

Bookmark for Updates

Information is updated - as it becomes available - on Major UK Art Competitions Page (a static page at the top of this blog - just under the title).  Future information will include links to:
  • Call for Entries
  • Announcement of selected artists 
  • Names and websites of artists shortlisted for Prizes
  • Exhibition reviews 

Archive of Information about Art Competitions in the UK 

My website Art Competitions in the UK provides an archive of information about past art competitions and reviews of works selected for precious competition exhibitions. It also includes links to:

Tips for artists entering juried / open art competitions and exhibitions

You may find my blog posts from the past helpful

20 tips for entering art competitionsWhat do you need to know when thinking about entering an art competition? Here's 20 tips to help you.
Juried art competitions - does size matter?For those concerned about what size to paint
How to calculate the cost of entering a juried art exhibition

Pre-selected, selected, long listed, shortlisted, prizewinner - what's in a phrase?
For those concerned about how the expenses can mount up

A discussion of the terminology used to describe artists at different stages of an art competition
A Making A Mark Guide: Analysing the cost of entering a juried art exhibitionDownload my FREE spreadsheet which acts as a checklist and helps you to cost out your entry
The Websites of Contemporary Painters in the UKget your website sorted BEFORE you enter a juried art competition or miss out on the traffic when the names of selected artists are announced!

If you want to be kept informed about updates on major art competitions in the UK:
  • you can bookmark this blog on your blog - always appreciated!
  • bookmark the Major UK Art Competitions Page - which is regularly updated
  • subscribe to this blog (see right hand column).  Note that a subscription means you will either get an email or notification in your feed reader about every post I publish - and they're NOT all about art competitions, although you may well find some of them very interesting!  
  • Follow my Makingamark Facebook Page where I post updates about all major art competitions and open exhibitions in the UK
Please note that this post EXCLUDES 
  • Art Society Open Exhibitions. However I cover the major open exhibitions organised by national art societies which I will cover in  a future post Key Dates for UK National Art Society Exhibitions in 2014
  • art competitions based in the UK which have a first prize of less than £10,000 (unless they are the major award for that type of art eg Jerwood Drawing Prize)

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Royal Society of British Artists 2014 Exhibition: Call for Entries

This is a summary of the Call for Entries for the 297th Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists. This will be held at the Mall Galleries between 5th and 15th March 2014.  Plus a commentary on the type of work which is typically selected for this exhibition.

The deadline for digital submission is the 2nd January 2014 and receiving days are 24-25 January 2014.
The Annual Exhibition exhibits the best of contemporary painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing sourced from member artists and through open submission.
Founded in 1823, the RBA seeks submissions of work displaying the highest standards of skill, expression and concept of draughtsmanship.
All quotations are from either the RBA or Mall Galleries websites. 

RBA Annual Exhibition 2013 - small works by Judith Gardner RBA NEAC and Barbara Richardson RBA
I'm trying to catch up with the Call for Entries for the Annual Exhibitions of the national art societies in the UK.  and will be posting more soon with respect to the Royal Institute of Watercolour Painters and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters

What sort of artwork gets selected for this exhibition?

You have two big advantages when submitting work to the RBA due to the fact that the art society has embraced the scope offered by digital technology. This allows the Society to have digital information on view which is very helpful to both prospective entrants - and potential buyers!

You can see a virtual version of the exhibition on the RBA website of works in last year's exhibition on the RBA website. This provides:

  • a reasonable feel for the type of artwork which gets selected for this exhibition.  
  • information about which work by members sold in the exhibition and hence what the art collectors who come to this exhibition like.

You can also view the the RBA exhibition catalogue for the 2013 exhibition. This very usefully indicates the type of media of artwork exhibited (both members and non-members) and more importantly the prices of work selected for the exhibition.

Do please bear in mind that a number of the members are well established professional artists with a following and their prices will reflect this fact.

In addition, while both the above show you an image in isolation, if you take a look at my review of last year's exhibition - Review: Royal Society of British Artists - 296th Annual Exhibition you can get a much better sense of the size of the artwork selected for exhibition. I seem to recall the smaller works were selling better than the larger ones - particularly if they were of the quality of the ones by artists like Judith Gardner and Barbara Richardson (see image at top of the post)

I'm also including some images in this post 

Also note how multiple works from the same artist tend to be submitted in groups of works with similar or identical frames which hang well together.

This RBA states that accepts artwork about all subjects and in all media for the exhibition.

However, if you review the exhibition catalogue you will find that:
  • Oil paintings completely dominate the exhibition. It is however slightly confusing on the website because the huge number of members' oil paintings rate four categories: oiloil on canvasoil on board and oil on paper!
  • there is a respectable showing by the sculptors and printmakers across a range of media 
  • there are few paintings in watercolour and mixed media
  • there were no works in digital media or video which are both well established media for contemporary artwork
Thus the statement needs a subtext to clarify that the RBA only accepts paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture.

RBA 2013 - Images of monochrome works and fine art prints
The exhibition was very colourful last year - but it also included monochrome work

If you review the online exhibition of MEMBERS work you will see that figurative work, still life and landscapes predominate. There were just two abstract paintings (and I'd personally call them abstracted figurative paintings!) and three abstract sculptures
The Society exhibits leading artists who employ a sound knowledge and application of draughtsmanship as the basis of their work.
I would venture to suggest that the evidence of what gets exhibited suggests that those submitting are sticking to a fairly traditional agenda when it comes to media.  It's either that or the RBA selection panel comprises members who pick work in media they know and work in - which perhaps explains the dominance of oil paintings.

Overall, it's probably more accurate to say that the society accepts all media for an exhibition of paintings, drawings fine art prints and sculpture but it really likes oil paintings and artwork which is traditionally figurative and representational!

If you use the menu selection available on the digital version of last year's exhibition you can see just how many works by MEMBERS were selected in different genres and different media.  I find it confusing and suggest the categories be redrawn to make them much simpler (ie a few works do not make a category!)

You can also view a gallery of members work in alphabetical order which gives you a good sense of what this art society likes when it comes to admitting new members.

What can you enter - the details

Sunday, November 24, 2013

RA Summer Exhibition 2014 goes totally digital!

This is really important news for anybody who has ever wanted to submit artwork to the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Art - but was deterred by the submission process.

This year the RA's Summer Exhibition entry process is GOING DIGITAL!
 As in it's not just the architecture and sculpture - ALL  submissions will in future be via digital entry.
Artists will only be able complete and submit their entry forms online via a dedicated website. During the online submission process, artists will be asked to upload digital photographs of their artworks.
READ ON to find out about:
  • a few tips from me - which are at the beginning to persuade you of the wisdom of reading on!
  • all you need to know at this stage regarding
    • timeline and key dates
    • how to enter
    • how to submit a query - not covered by FAQs
RA Summer Exhibition 2013
drawings, paintings and sculpture in just one of the Main Galleries (The Lecture Room)

Monday, November 18, 2013

ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2013 - a review

The ING Discerning Eye is different from all other art competitions and art society exhibitions - and it's definitely worth a visit.

In terms of the paintings, drawings, fine art print and sculpture on display
  1. The work is all small
  2. The work is selected by individuals and hung or displayed in a group by selector. In effect it's like six exhibitions in a large gallery.
Over 450 works in print, painting, drawing, sculpture and photography by approximately 200
artists are on display in the 2013 Annual Exhibition of the ING Discerning Eye  at the Mall Galleries which opens to the public today. The prizewinners are detailed in a separate post - see  Jeremy Gardiner wins ING Discerning Eye Prize 2013.

The Selectors' Exhibitions

The Selectors - and images of their mini exhibitions - are shown below.  The descriptions of each selector come from my earlier post ING Discerning Eye 2013: Call for Entries

The two exhibitions I liked the best were those by Deborah Swallow and Liz Anderson.
Artist - Stephen Farthing RA - Elected to the Royal Academy in 1998. In August 2004, he was appointed as the Rootstein Hopkins Research Chair of Drawing at the Centre for Drawing run by the University of Arts London - and hosted by Wimbledon College of Art. I've always very interested in what a person promoting drawing selects for an exhibition.
A very graphic and abstracted selection by Stephen Farthing
His exhibition includes 67 works - but it seemed like a lot less.

Works by Tessa Farmer - invited by Stephen Farthing RA
Interestingly his entry in the catalogue is the only one which says nothing about his experience of the process associated with the competition - which, in effect, sets up a competition between individual selectors to respond fast enough to get the pieces they really want.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jeremy Gardiner wins ING Discerning Eye Prize 2013

The ING Discerning Eye 2013 prizewinners were announced last week.  They are listed below.  It's very evident that media and mark-making other than conventional oil painting has had a 'good innings' in this year's prizes.  Lots of rewards for unconventional use of media and drawing.  Well spotted those who paid attention to who was one of the judges!

I'm going to see the exhibition on Monday morning and will be writing a review of the exhibition.  The ING Discerning Eye 2013 Exhibition continues at the Mall Galleries until Sunday 24 November 2013.

Pendeen Lighthouse, Cornwall
acrylic and jesmonite on poplar panel, 12x18"
© Jeremy Gardiner

 Purchase Prize (£5,000)Pendeen Lighthouse Cornwall by Jeremy Gardiner (invited by Liz Anderson)

For those interested in how he generates his 'his artistic excavation of the geology of landscape' and constructs his paintings Jeremy is giving a talk "Unfolding Landscape" to Bath Society of Artists at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution, 16-18 Queen Square BA1 2HN on Thursday 28 November at 7:30 pm.

DE Founder's Purchase Prize¹ (£2,500) - Foreshore, Shaldon by Richard Teasdale (selected by Lloyd Grossman)

The ING Staff Prize (£1,000) was jointly won by:
Betula, late Autumn 2012 - 13 (£1680)
Sepia Watercolour, 12 x 8 inches
© Charlotte Verity
The lost lears (£792)
8 Colour pigment based archival print on flahne, 15x15"
© Phil Shaw

The Meynell Fenton Prize

(invited by Stephen Farthing RA)
insects, plant roots, glass bell jar; 4x4x4 inches; 

The Benton Purchase Prize
(selected by Eileen Hogan)

Genoese 18th Century armchair
Stitch on padded linen with acrylic; 10x10 inches

The Hicks Purchase Prize

Chris Eckersley
(selected by Eileen Hogan)

Pen and Pencil, 20x15 inches
The Humphreys Purchase Prize

(invited by Eileen Hogan)

Graphite and foil on paper; 20x20 inches
The Lincoln Seligman Purchase Prize

(selected by Eileen Hogan)

Microcosmos No 47: Unravelling
Watercolour, 18x14 inches

[You can see more of her paintings in her book Microcosmos]

The DE Sculpture And 3D Work Prize

(selected by Deborah Swallow)

Mixed, 14x14x14 inches

Mixed, 14x14x14 inches
The V&A Acquisition Prize

(invited by Eileen Hogan)

Etching, 20x16 inches
£400 (edition)
London and South East Regional Prize

Alexander Massouras
(invited by Eileen Hogan)
Julian Rowe
(selected by Eileen Hogan)

North of England Regional Prize
(invited by Lloyd Grossman)

West Country Regional Prize

(selected by Deborah Swallow)

Scotland Prize

(invited by Liz Anderson)

Wales Prize
(invited by Liz Anderson)

See tomorrow's post for the winner of the ING Drawing Bursary.

The scorecard for the allocation of prizes between the selectors is as follows. These split roughly 50:50 between selected and invited artists.

I must confess I am very bemused by the way in which Eileen Hogan's selected and invited artists achieved c.50% of the prizes!  How did that happen?


Stephen Farthing RA
Rootstein Hopkins Research Chair of Drawing at the University of the Arts London
Eileen Hogan
Research Professor at
Wimbledon College of Art

Loyd Grossman OBE
TV presenter, gastronome and art historian
Professor Deborah Swallow
director of the Courtauld Institute of Art

Liz Anderson
arts editor, 'The Spectator'

Estelle Lovatt FRSA
art critic and lecturer

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Review: 50th Annual Exhibition - Society of Wildlife Artists

Society of Wildlife Artists - 50th Annual Exhibition 2013
I think this has been my third post about the Society of Wildlife Artists this week. However it is their 50th Annual Exhibition and they did have Sir David Attenborough and over 1,000 people at the Private View so I think that's allowed.

I met lots of the artists this year.  So many seemed to have made the effort to come.  The Private View felt like a rather big party!

It's also a really good show - and it now has lots of red spots for sales. Works are available to Browse & Buy online.  There are 339 works in the main show plus fieldwork from three projects on display in the 'Out of the Frame' room.  The work includes art by four of the founding members including past President Robert Gillmor (whose work was selling fast!) and the legendary John Busby.

Linocuts of Birds by Robert Gillmor PPSWLA
I don't think I know another show which has got such a high standard right across the board in terms of media. It also looked to me like maybe everybody was keen to win a prize and get to shake hands with David Attenborough!

West Gallery #1
Sculpture by Harriet Mead, Paintings by various artists including
Nick Derry, David Bennett, Federico Gemma, Brin Edwards
Photo copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Threadneedle Space
Photo copyright Katherine Tyrrell
The next day I went back again and took the tour with President Harriet Mead and Secretary Chris Rose. (I see Hannah has a new Wordpress powered website/blog - so will be adding that to the list of blogs I follow!   You can see how they both develop their very different approaches to wildlife art in their blog posts on their website. )

I've got notes of some of their comments as they highlighted some of the works in the show.  They were quick notes so this is my version of what was said rather than verbatim.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

22nd October 2013 - Who's made a mark?

October is exhibition overload month! I had three exhibitions last week plus a bug - and three more which opened last week and which I haven't visited yet ! So I gave myself permission to write about the Whistler this week and took it easy over the weekend!  The images in this post this week are mainly from the exhibitions I've viewed - as indicated - by way of even more of a taster for those who'd like to see more.

Dr Patricia Montfort and Professor Margaret F McDonald
Curators of An American in London: Whistler and the Thames at Dulwich Picture Gallery
Standing in front of Blue and Gold - Old Battersea Bridge
Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. Mall Galleries - West Gallery
always a very popular exhibition - with good sales
I'm thinking of moving this post to a regular slot on Mondays.  The reason being I keep getting the notion that the weekend ought to be more of a "me" time.  It's been sliding from Sundays to Monday for a while so we'll see how it goes.

This one slid into Tuesday because all day yesterday I was following a major story about copyright infringement which I stumbled upon and which had gone viral - as in 245k shares of the original story on Facebook!  So it started as a couple of lines in this post and by the end of the day was a recommended read for all those who need to know about fair use and/or aren't confident about copyright matters.

Art & Artists

I kicked off last week with this post You are known by the company you keep. This was triggered by using this phrase when discussing some recent "goings on" with fellow artists.

Drawing & Sketching

  • Some of my sketches of gardens and parks will be seen in a new book called Sketch Your World which will be published in January 2014.  I'll be writing more about this nearer the date of publication.  The author of the book is James Hobbs (James Hobbs) who is a former editor of Artists & Illustrators magazine, the current editor of Discover Art bookzine, a board member of Urban Sketchers and a founding member of the London Urban Sketchers.
The different covers for Sketch Your World


Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Annual Exhibition 2013 of The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers

Philip Nelson won the top prize at the 2013 Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers - with a wooden duck!

A mallard to be precise - and it is very precise - and it's in 3D.  It is in fact a wood carving which is incredibly faithful in its anatomical correctness.  The wood has then been painted to display the feathers and is very persuasive.  I felt as if I needed to reach out to check it was in fact paint but it's living in a glass case as do all the works do for this exhibition.

Winner of the The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Gold Memorial Bowl Mallard Drake - Philip Nelson
Acrylic on wood - £800 (Sold)
You can find out more about Philip and the history of his wood-carving and prizewinning on his website

This year's exhibition is in the North Gallery of the Mall Galleries and is open every day 10am - 5pm. It closes at 1pm on Sunday 27th October.  They have plenty of magnifying glasses for people to inspect the work.

The exhibition as always maintains a very high standard in terms of the quality of work selected for exhibition.  The exhibition also demonstrates the range and scope of subject matter chosen for miniaturisation - some of which always surprises me each year.  It's absolutely the exhibition to visit if you've ever wanted to commission a miniature portrait.

View of the 2013 Annual Exhibition
of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers

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